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Get your brilliance on!  The Bull to Brilliance blog is all about taking you from your bull to your brilliance in every day life and business situations.

What’s Your Purpose?

In the past few weeks, everyone I talk to seems to be introspectively considering what their purpose is. It’s not a new discussion. I’m sure we all think about this, but it seems to be gaining radical momentum, at least with the entrepreneurs and friends...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Cows Should Rule The World

In this crazy world, I thought some levity was called for.  So, I’d like to present the Top 5 Reasons that Cows Should Rule the World: Cows can’t hold weapons. They don’t even know what to do with them.  Enough said. Methane gas would be our biggest...

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How Energy Impacts Your Business

What the heck is the deal with energy?  As I pay more and more attention to it, I notice that energy is all around us.  In fact, I work with my client’s energy as the key ingredient to a successful business strategy.  But, if you had any doubts about the...

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