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Get your brilliance on!  The Bull to Brilliance blog is all about taking you from your bull to your brilliance in every day life and business situations.

How to Get What You Want

We all have things we want; more time, more money, more freedom, etc. The problem is, too much of the time, we know what we want, but getting it seems to escape us. The goals may be clear, we work hard to accomplish those goals, and STILL what we want doesn’t...

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The Power of Intentions

We have known for some time that intentions allow you to manifest. I believe the deeper truth is, you are already having the experiences you want, except that you don’t see them. You don’t see them, because you have decided that “this sucks” or...

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What’s Your Purpose?

In the past few weeks, everyone I talk to seems to be introspectively considering what their purpose is. It’s not a new discussion. I’m sure we all think about this, but it seems to be gaining radical momentum, at least with the entrepreneurs and friends...

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