The Daily Brilliance

Get your brilliance on!  The Bull to Brilliance blog is all about taking you from your bull to your brilliance in every day life and business situations.

How to Rediscover What You Already Know

I recently moved to a new apartment.  I hated the whole thing.  First, I didn't want to leave my old apartment - I had lived there for years, loved the building, loved the location, knew many people in it that I liked, and loved my view.  Then there was the packing up...

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Signs Are What You Make of Them

At some point or another, you have no doubt asked the universe for a "SIGN" that you are on the right path, or for help making a critical decision, or for some proof of something.  Sometimes, though, signs appear at your feet.  This happened to me, yesterday.  I was...

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The Rebrand is Finally Here!

The rebrand is finally here!  I've spent years leading with the bull, and now, I'm leading with the BRILLIANCE.  My new theme is Bull to Brilliance - bull is the beginning, but the destination that I offer is the creation of a brilliance-based business where profits...

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Today’s Lie: You Don’t Have a Choice

Today's blog is a video.  I was just in France right before the horrible events that recently took place in Paris.  I had taken some photos and videos of what was a wonderful trip.  I decided to use them for inspiration instead of staying stuck in grief.  Today's blog...

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