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Helping you expand your business in the US.

You’re an international entrepreneur with a great company and you want to grow your market by launching in the United States. The problem is, sales and marketing strategies that work for you in Europe don’t work in the United States. You need a firmer understanding of which strategies will help you gain the most success. That’s where we can help.


What We Offer

With a foundation in sales, marketing and customer service, vast experience with Western European culture and a solid success rate helping entrepreneurs grow their business, Heather can help your business with the right strategies to expand into the US market.

Heather offers coaching and consulting packages. She will work with you to understand your current business model and how best to expand it into the US market. If you’re already in the US, she is an ideal partner to help you increase your profit. Heather offers creative expertise that lends to creating new ideas and methods to reach more customers and create more revenue. Schedule a call with Heather to see how she can help your business.

Heather is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com. She offers helpful tips and expertise in sales and marketing strategies. Click here to read her articles.

Heather has created several products to help expats, among them:

  • Business Coaching and Consulting 40%
  • Business Culture Adaptation 35%
  • Creativity 25%

About Heather

Expat Experience

Heather has lived in France, England, Italy and Switzerland as a student, an employee, and as a member of two host families. She has in depth experience with these cultures and understands how differently business is conducted from one culture to the next.

Language Expertise

Heather speaks six languages – French and English most fluently, as well as intermediate German, Spanish, Italian and some Japanese. This has helped her have more in depth cultural experiences, and can help you if your native language is not American.

Business Expertise

Heather has over 20 years sales, marketing and customer service experience. She is a Business Subject Matter Expert for Cartus, consulting expats on the very different business cultures between Europe and America. In her role as Founder and CEO of BullBuster Business Coaching, she has helped countless entrepreneurs to as much as quadruple their profit. (Click here for testimonials.)

Creative and Serial Entrepreneur

Heather’s first business was Heather’s Handbags. She studied handbag and jewelry design at FIT in New York City, and today dabbles in her creativity to make works of art. She is the Founder and CEO of The Expat Coach Association and Directory which have attracted expat coaches from around the globe to be of service to those that brave expat adventures.

Book An Appointment

Set up a call with Heather to see how she can help your business thrive in the US market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heather would be delighted to speak with you to see if you’re a fit. If you have questions, please see if these FAQ’s help you.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Heather works with solopreneurs and small businesses looking to either expand into the US, or who are already in the US and striving to better understand how to leverage the US business culture to get more clients and additional revenue. Heather focuses on service-based businesses.
How do I Find Out If We're the Right Fit?
Book an initial consultation with Heather, and if you’re a fit, Heather will discuss with you the best ways to work together to grow your business.
What Languages Do You Consult In?
Heather offers her services in English and French.

Working with Heather transformed my business approach in exactly the way I needed. I was stuck and not sure how I should be reaching out to my clients and finding new ones.

My work with Heather got me out my rut and I renewed and invigorated my practice. I’m attracting new clients and creating new programming that I love. She listens. She’s intuitive. She’s smart. She has tremendous resources. She will take you to the next level.


Nicole Wells

Speak Wells

As a business owner, it’s critical to invest in yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and always keep progressing forward. Heather has been an excellent and immensely valuable resource in helping me identify, plan and fulfill my personal and business goals. I would highly recommend working with Heather and taking a step forward in your life personally and professionally. Varun M.


I hired Heather to help me understand how best to market my products to individual clients, and was having trouble finding someone that understood the corporate and individual markets. She brings both to the table, which is one of her key differentiators. Heather was also willing to be flexible and give me what I needed rather than adhere strictly to a pre-defined model.

Heather’s practical approach helped me get things done (she goes beyond concept to implementation) and get to the heart of what mattered most to me so I could bring that into my marketing to attract the right type of clients.

Neena Newberry

Newberry Executive Solutions

Contact Heather

Send an email, or call 212-288-2264 and Heather will respond to you as soon as possible


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