One of the biggest challenges I see with entrepreneurs who are just starting, or who are just starting something new, is trying to explain what they do in a clear and concise way. Oh, and of course it should sound sexy, not boring. It should roll of the tongue, it should make people line up to work with you….but no matter what you do, when you say it out loud, it sounds like 16 flavors of jam, some with seeds, and you can’t figure out how to describe it any better.

If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help you consolidate a “jam statement” into something more concise that might border a sexy-statement that gets the interest of your prospects:

  1. Focus on what your clients leave with. Explain the last thing that happens when someone works for you. This will get you out of trying to explain your process, duration, and how you clear blocks, help people play guitar, offer massage work, write poetry….all the stuff that confuses them, and instead, focus on why they should either hire you or refer you.
  2. Find the Umbrella. Take everything you do and throw it onto a mind map or make a separate post-it note for each thing you do. Find the common point they all roll up to. You will no doubt write down a combination of results you provide and things you do – but very frequently they roll up to a common theme or desired outcome. Focus there, to start.
  3. Dare to be boring. Instead of trying to say what you do in a way that sounds sexy and alluring, dare to write down the most boring, obvious, statement you can think of. See, until you know what you’re trying to say, you can’t make it sexy. So, be boring so you can become sexy.
  4. Test it out. The best people to ask for opinions and advice are your target market. So, ask past clients what they think of your pitch statement, and ask them if they feel it describes what you did for them. If not, ask them to suggest some alternate descriptions.

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