One of the bigger challenges I see my clients face is whether to hire an assistant. Sometimes, there’s a huge reluctance to even consider it, because the mind goes right to how expensive that seems. Other times, entrepreneurs hire assistants without enough consideration of what they want that person to do, and how that work contributes to their business goals.

Because I see this question so often, I wrote 3 tips to help you determine whether it’s time for your business to hire an assistant. Click Here to read the article on

Many entrepreneurs fail to consider why they are hiring someone, apart from, “I’m too busy”. Some of the potential results of that lack of forethought can be:

  • constant re-hiring because you aren’t able to express what you really need, and nobody can help you find the success you want
  • wasting money having someone implement work that doesn’t forward your business
  • even more overwhelm than you already have

So head on over to and find out how to make the decision, and make it work!

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