I see it time and time again – a brilliant entrepreneur with a fantastic business idea that can’t get the damn thing to attract enough customers. They have spent countless hours, weeks, even months, mapping out a very detailed, intricate marketing plan:

  • social media at 1pm Tuesdays and Fridays
  • email my list a month before launch
  • Run Facebook ad to invite people to pre-launch call
  • Post to LinkedIn groups about pre-launch call
  • Develop videos to talk about new service
  • Develop special video series to invite people to launch…

The result is often confusion, overwhelm and a concern that what you’re marketing isn’t good enough. The truth of the situation is, in fact, that what’s behind the marketing matters more than the marketing itself.

Here are a few common mistakes I see, and some suggested Fixes:

Problem: You’re offering what you know your target market needs. You work really hard, develop a fantastic product or program with tons of value, and yet, nobody buys. You might even get into credit card debt working really hard behind the scenes and spending lots of money in product development that’s wasted.

Solution: Find out what your target market WANTS. Often times we get so caught up in assuming that “what we know can help the world” but it turns out that the way we’re going about providing that knowledge is completely out of alignment with what our market thinks they need. You need to find the correct marketing language, the overall outcome your prospects want, and the true value to them of having that outcome.

Problem: You aren’t sure what your target market wants. You know you don’t know, but you don’t know how to figure it out. You know that “you’ve been in their shoes” and some of your guessing is accurate, but you’re at a loss for how to get better information.

Solution: There are several ways to find great information. Here are a few:

  1. Interview your ideal client, ideally multiples of them. Figure out what you need to know and develop interview questions that help you learn that information. Then survey or interview as many people as you can that you feel fit your ideal client avatar and see what you learn.
  2. Eavesdrop. Go into Facebook and LinkedIn groups where your prospect is hanging out and listen to the questions that get asked, and the complaints/pain points that are mentioned. Marketing delivered right to your doorstep!
  3. Look up your competition. If you know of a guru or two in your field catering to the same audience, go check out their offers. They have spent years developing content and marketing you might learn from. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, but do learn.

Problem: You’re so caught up in the marketing, you forget about the experience.If this is you, then you’ve got mindmaps, process flows, and an intense, in depth plan to market everything. But, you haven’t spent any time at all thinking about what this is all like for your prospect or why, apart from “I want to sell my product/service!” you are even designing all these process flows.

Solution: Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. A better mind map, to start, is, who are you trying to attract, and why (besides you making money) are you trying to reach them? Think out all the reasons they would look for you, and when they find you, what would delight them, and what would frustrate them? Then think about how to engage them, and develop an engagement strategy before a sales and marketing one.

Most of the time, you might have a killer marketing strategy, but if your conversions are low, it could be that you need to look at what’s behind the marketing to find the real reason nobody is buying from you. Need help looking behind the marketing? Let’s talk!

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