Have you ever heard people talk about abundance and getting what you want, and thought, “That’s a crock of crap.” Or, “Easy for you to say, speaking from abundance while I’m still waiting for it to show up.”

We get conditioned to believe that there is one source for everything we want:

  • One person to satisfy us in relationship
  • One job to pay our bills
  • One way to be happy – a path leading up to a goal

The dependence on one place for all things puts a lot of pressure on that source. If it doesn’t work out, you may feel you’re out of options, and that leads to a depressing outlook.

Recently, I got in touch with some life changes I want to make. I’ve been looking in to what I need to make these changes, and some of it is, well, daunting, to put it mildly. So, I sat down and looked at how I could create what I want, daunting stuff included I was surprised to find myself writing down ideas beyond the one or two that immediately came to me. The flood of ideas helped me realize that if you’re open to it, you’ll find multiple ways to create what you want. And then I realized THIS is what abundance is!

We naturally connect abundance to money. But abundance is so much more than wealth. The fact that you can create multiple paths to getting what you want is the abundance. That openness to receiving what you want from, well, anywhere, is what allows you to have it. When you tap in to your abundant source of creation, and that’s what creates true abundance.

The next time you feel stuck, backed against a wall, or like you have no choices, make a mind map! (Or just pull out a notebook or your smartphone.) Here are some ideas to tap in to your creative source so you can see that whatever you want can come from anywhere and everywhere:

  1. Write down what you want
  2. Write down how you can get it. As you struggle to write down your first ideas, you’ll notice that you come up with excuses for each one – “someone won’t like me if I choose this,” “this costs too much money,” “I don’t have enough experience,”…..
  3. Use each excuse/problem as the solution. In these examples, you need to release being liked by someone, decide whether you will trust the money will come or strategize on how to make more money, and educate yourself on how to get the experience you perceive you are lacking (unless you already have it and just need a good friend to point that out to you!)
  4. Go back and write down more ideas – if ideas aren’t coming, then write down ideas you consider ridiculous or implausible. (You’ll start challenging just how unlikely they really are and may just use one of these as your strategy.)
  5. Select all the ideas you’re willing to commit to, and, on a separate page, write down how you’ll make each one happen. Do you need to line up job interviews, make some cold calls, brush up your singing….?
  6. Get to it – and remember to track your progress!

The great part about abundance is that it’s with you 100% of the time – all you have to do is reach out to it.

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