We have known for some time that intentions allow you to manifest. I believe the deeper truth is, you are already having the experiences you want, except that you don’t see them. You don’t see them, because you have decided that “this sucks” or “all men..” or “I’ll never succeed” “this is so hard,…” “the world is doomed” and so you are only looking at and giving weight to, the experiences in your day that support those thoughts.

If you instead set out to think “I will succeed” “men are great”, “there is good in the world” etc, you will actually start LOOKING for experiences that support those statements, because, of course, you have got to prove to yourself that this new thought is true! And, once you prove it, you either end up in a quandary – “if that’s true, then how the hell did I spend so long believing the opposite?” or you end up really empowered.

54654706 - concept image using printed words and a play on focus with a shallow depth of field as a positive focus ideaThe interesting thing is, at any given moment, you are already experiencing what you really want. It’s right in front of you. But, you may be choosing to ignore it, depending on your intention. Have you ever gone to a store, searched high and low for an item, given up, asked the salesperson where it is, only to find it’s right in front of your face? That’s what intentions are like – they are simply you, deciding to tune in to whatever you want, on a given day. Some days what you want is in front of your face, but you’re so focused on everything else you can’t see it. Other days, you don’t even notice anything but what’s in front of your face.  All day, every day, you have experiences that can support “positive” or “negative” beliefs. It’s not that something better, or worse, happened today. It’s that you chose to focus on the thing that was “good” or “bad” in support of the intention you are carrying around.


I tried this out recently. I sponsored a wonderful event. I’ve sponsored events before. My experience of past sponsorships was; hard work, very expensive, lots of stress designing marketing materials, time-consuming preparation….this time, I decided to make the event easy. I carried that thought with me for weeks. I didn’t go crazy spending money on excessive marketing., I simplified every process I could. I focused on only 3 goals, and hit them all out of the park. What struck me is, on the day, I actually felt that I had made things very simple for myself, and for those visiting my table. And, the day felt easy and in flow. I realized I had created that experience by knowing I wanted ease, and then focusing on all the things that supported that thought and how I could make things easier. I could very well have made the day difficult, and focused on negative, difficult aspects, but somehow, those parts of the day had little or no importance. They were like the items on the shelf I paid no attention to because what I wanted was right in front of my face.


So, what can you do on one of those days where your day is anything but the experience you want?

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts. If you catch yourself in, “this day is really shitty” or “why is everyone harassing me today?” “Why is nothing working out”….stop. Call yourself out for these “dirty” thoughts!
  2. Decide what you want instead. It’s not enough to just stop, you have to now choose whether you want to continue with the shit, or create something different. If you want something different, what is it?
  3. Create a thought around the new desire. “This day is getting more and more fabulous” “best day ever” “People are so nice to me today!” whatever the new experience you want is, create a new thought, say it out loud, then internally think it.
  4. Laugh at the test. Of course, if part of you is still rooted in that old thought, then you’ll be sent another shitty experience. You have the choice to use it to support your old thinking and return to it, or, laugh at it/decide maybe it’s not so shitty after all or ignore it.
  5. Be persistent. The main reason thought-shifting takes a while to work is that you’re not really believing the process. You say “yeah, whatever, I said it out loud, nothing changed.” And, it may take a few attempts, and, sometimes you have to train yourself to find the good like a needle in a haystack.

At the end of the day, how you live the day is up to you!

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