On my last vacation to Europe, I started tapping in to something I’m calling “rebel energy.” It’s led me to thinking about the concept of a rebel business. Because, at heart, we all have powerful rebel energy within us. However, sometimes it doesn’t show in our business, which leads to less than desirable results. My “epiphany” started with a particular experience in Barcelona which had a profound impact on me. What was most profound was that I had been to this place before, and had no connection to it, and this time it was like I discovered an entirely new world.

When I was a teenager my mom took me to Spain. (Thanks, mom!) I remember her dragging me, I mean DRAGGING me to the Juan Miro museum. I don’t love museums, and I loved them even less when I was younger. I find them stuffy, and after about 30 minutes, I can’t stop yawning. So, I was astonished to find that I was mesmerized by the works of Miro, but also that I didn’t feel like leaving the museum. What I thought were mere canvases of child-like color and skill turn out to represent a revolution in painting.

As I read the information boards, this one really caught my eye –painting-disgusts-me

The idea of a painter that hated painting fascinated me. How can you do that which you hate, I thought? But of course, he hated the rules and standards of his profession, not the actual profession. That really resonated with me – how many of you may love what you do, but hate the rules, the structure, the supposed limited paths to success?


Then this thought intrigued me as well – challenging the norms, the conventions, and the illusions and simply being real, is how I interpreted it.

miro-artAnd so my encounter with Miro started me thinking about revolutionizing industries – going against the grain even if conventional society might not accept your new standard, at first. He made me wonder what I can do differently in my life, in my business, in boldly being who I am, instead of just softly existing. How can I be more real?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to do more and be more? Some of this may be about more of YOU existing, and some of it is realizing you could do much more than you’re doing.

Since I’ve been thinking about all this, I also thought about ways I could embrace these ideas and concepts for myself, right now. If it calls to you, here are a few ideas:

  1. Make powerful changes. For me, I realized I need to step outside my self-imposed limitations and same-old habits.  I’m aspiring to try out 1 thing I haven’t before, every week, for the rest of the year. (And possibly beyond!) I’m looking up classes, communities, activities – what is a change you can make in your health, life, or business, right now?
  2. Juan Miro museum

    Juan Miro museum

    Break out of patterns. As an entrepreneur, I spend way too much time working from home, alone. So not only was this blog post written from a coffee shop, surrounded by people, I also invested in shared office space. What do you do every day, or every week, over and over again? What are you NOT doing that you would like to do, and how can you bring that in?

  3. Make concrete plans and brainstorm what you need to do to accomplish them. I made a “how to be happy” matrix for myself. I found it really helpful to see the key categories that drive my happiness, and that there are actual things I can do, right now, to embrace those things. It’s helping me plan out what actions I must take, figure out what to research, and then make everything happen – which is pretty damn empowering!
  4. Make sure that your inner rebel is shining through in your business. It’s easy to lose connection with your rebel energy as you’re building a business. A rebel goes against the grain, but it’s sometimes hard to do that as you follow other people’s rules and structure.

    If you’d like to download a FREE copy of my Rebel’s Guide to a Kick-Ass Business including the How to Figure Out What You Want Matrix, just click here!

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