I got this image in an email recently, and it made me chuckle.  What jumped out at me were what I presume are supposed to be the enticing parts of this message:

“How I got 13,085 Views In my First 10 Days on Medium”

“How to drive traffic to your site with Medium”

So, if I understand right, I should be so fired up about getting over 13,000 people to read my post on Medium, and then even more fired up to get them reading my blog.

Attracting hoards of people to your post on a social platform, and then getting them to your blog sounds really enticing, doesn’t it?  If you simply take that at face value, yeah, seems like something I should be really fired up about.  But I’m not.

See, a lot of the time, we buy into crazy amounts of marketing ideas and throw around our marketing money and end up really disappointed.  And it’s usually because we buy into the hype.  “Wow, someone can show me their steps to get lots of traffic to my blog?  WOW!  Yes, take me now!”

But we don’t bother to ask the right questions, and really think through the value of the concept. Like this one.  Great, traffic, yay!  Lots of people reading your shit, yay!  But, how long have you had your blog?  How much traffic have you already had?  Do you know?  You should.  If you don’t know, go figure that out.  Because, here is the real question to this kind of message –

How many clients have you gotten from your blog?

See, spending time and money on another marketing experiment to drive people to a place that hasn’t gotten you any business is a colossal waste of your time and money.  This is what happens when you focus on how shiny and bright that idea looks, but you don’t think through whether it’s the right direction for YOU.  Just because one person had lots of success with a strategy does not mean that you will.  And, even if you could duplicate the results, it does not mean you will get any business.

So, seems to me like the smart thing is to think through whether a marketing strategy is right for YOU right NOW which is a combination of understanding what you’re brilliant at, and what your goals are, and what your track record has been so far.  Doing marketing just to try something new is a great way to end up with no money.  That really sucks, and will mean not only do you give up on marketing, you may give up on your business all together.  Wanting to save entrepreneurs from the pain of misfit marketing, I created the BullBuster Brilliance Incubator to look at whether or not to invest in various marketing strategies, and what gets in the way of each one being effective for you.  Because I found it really frustrating when I invested in all sorts of stuff that didn’t work for me.  And then I met too many people getting burnt out of energy and money from investing in marketing that was not a fit for them, or their business.  Isn’t that the big problem?   I believe it’s possible to build your business more effectively by being more selective about how you do it.

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