Continuing my thoughts from last week, I know one of the biggest challenges we can face as service-based-business owners is clearly defining the problem we solve, and who we solve it for. Having this question on my mind, it’s no surprise that this ad caught my eye in the subway:

IMG_6631First, there is the obvious humor factor!  And, wow, it’s a guy in his underwear!  OK, once that wears off, do you see that statement that nicely catches your eye after your eye moves left?

It’s hard to feel like a million bucks in $10 underwear.

This is so clever on many different levels. OK, I’m biting my tongue on the word play, but not only does this tagline point out that cheap underwear is uncomfortable, it sets the reader up to be willing to pay more than $10 for underwear so that you “feel like a million bucks.”  They took a problem (uncomfortable underwear) and not only offer a solution, they make you want to pay more for the value of feeling great.  See that?  VALUE VALUE VALUE – wouldn’t you pay even more money for underwear that not just looks great but makes you feel great?


But, hold the phone!  They take the problem and clearly name the solution, too:

No wedgie. No ride up. No problem.IMG_6632

See how clear this is?

Since the problem of a clear problem/solution statement seems to impact a lot of people I meet, I made a little guide to help you with yours.

Click here to download a copy!

Feel free to share it with any business owners you know that might benefit from the help.



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