Work With Heather to Use Your Brilliance to Rev Up Your Business 

I help entrepreneurs and CEO’s make more money more quickly by aligning them with their most powerful energy and infusing that into their business strategies which magnetizes client attraction and profit generation.  I work well with clients that are decisive, ready to move quickly and committed to success.

Together, we’ll take a look at the areas you’ve been dis-empowered and how you can find that power again, first in yourself, then we’ll bring it into your business. This power inevitably flows into your life, and the result is that your brilliance is exuded from the inside out in everything you do.

It’s not just a plan to grow your business, it’s a plan to help you be more you, in everything you do

My typical clients have been in business for at least 2 years, and have a minimum annual revenue target of $100,000.

If you’re ready to get your bull out of the way, uplevel your business, get a custom-fit plan, and take committed action, then click any image below to learn more or set up a call to see how I can help you succeed.

Please note, for 2018 Heather will be traveling frequently. If you opt to book an appointment, please make sure you immediately contact Heather’s assistant, Nicole, to confirm her availability at the time you have chosen, as her timezones will update frequently.

Step 1 – Connect

Book a call with Heather to determine whether you’re a good fit to work together, and determine whether she can assist you with your specific needs. Click Here to contact Heather’s assistant Nicole and set up your session!

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Step 2 – Create Your Action Plan

If you and Heather are a fit, the next step is for you to book time with her to create a foundational plan for you to understand what’s causing your business issues, and lay out a preliminary plan to approach and resolve those issues. This plan will help you turn obstacles into opportunities and you’ll have a step-by-step initial action plan to uplevel your business. Click here to book and set up your appointment. (Note, Heather travels frequently so please immediately email to confirm your appointment in case Heather’s timezone has changed.)

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Step 3 – Maximize Your Results

When you’re ready to truly uplevel your business, we’ll build on your foundational plan and map out the best sales and marketing strategies for you to increase your revenue, and what order to do them in. You’ll receive a detailed file with everything we discuss, including a look at your biggest obstacles and how to overcome them, and specific strategy structure.

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EXISTING AND FORMER CLIENTS: If you have already completed a program with Heather, she will work with you to create a custom package or session. Please email Nicole to request a conversation with Heather and she’ll help you! 🙂

“….Over a very short time working with her, my monthly revenue has quintupled- no joke. She is so incredibly adept at cutting through what doesn’t matter and putting you on the exact right path….”

Jill Ozovek

“….I doubled my income and tripled my referral volume in the four months I worked with Heather! My close rate is an unthinkable 80%–and the doubting voices in my head are gone! ….”

Lisa Noble

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