Hi, I’m Heather.  Part silly, part creative, part world traveler. I have a unique blend of skills and talents;

  • over 25 years corporate sales, marketing, and customer service experience
  • a creative background in making jewelry and handbags
  • starting and running an international association for expat coaches around the globe
  • speak 6 languages (scroll to the bottom if you want to see more!)

One of my biggest assets is a huge imagination. I still think like a kid, coupled with seeing the world very differently than most people. This helps me come up with some very unique and fun ways for my clients to tackle business challenges, and run their companies.

I’ve done a lot of marketing.  And, you know what?  I’ve gotten a lot of shitty results from doing a lot of that marketing.  I tried to figure out what everyone else was doing, and do it ALL. Man, there are so many choices!  Websites, blogs, social media, videos…..rather than ending up with clients, I ended up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  That lady to the left is like an exact replication of my daily business experience a few years ago.

The other problem I found is that much of the time, we see a million-dollar+ guru and want to copy their formula for success.  But we can’t copy it.  Their success, and their formula, works because they are using their core brilliance.  Your Brilliance is your energy blueprint for success.  Each of us has one, and it’s unique.  When you try to follow someone else’s rules, you are, in effect, out of alignment with your own energetic brilliance.  The experience is like you, trying to fold up like a pretzel to fit into something that you simply are not resonating with.  That’s what gets you stuck, frustrated and wondering whether to give up your business.

The truth is…

If you don’t create a business strategy that’s based on what YOU’RE great at, the only guarantee you have is that you’ll make someone else rich instead of yourself. 

The problem I see over and over is that entrepreneurs are so smart we think we can take everything on. We are bombarded by options and in an effort to stand out, we lean on every possible external avenue we see everyone else using. This leads, unfortunately, to massive burnout. You work really, really hard, but your business doesn’t reflect that hard work in your numbers. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs seem to trade a job they hate for a business they love, only to work so hard they hate the business, too.

It’s even harder when you’ve had multiple 5-figure months, or 6-figure+ years, and suddenly they stop, even though you haven’t changed anything.

Having worked with scores of business owners, I know without a doubt, that the core reason businesses suffer is down to your Bull. (Short for bullshit.) We all have it – it’s in our thoughts, fears, and beliefs, and even when you’re making millions, other bull will creep up on you.

Bull acts like a double-edged stopper; it causes you to lose confidence in yourself because you disconnect from your unique energy source, and when you make decisions from that lack of confidence, it has a direct, and usually negative, impact on your business.

If you try to correct your sales and marketing strategies without first diving in to your bull and reconnecting with your unique energy, you end up spending lots of money with no return. If you want a return on your investment, you’ve got to bust your bull first, and develop a customized business plan that capitalizes on your energy instead of treating those as two separate things.


You have to get your BULL out of the way, so your BRILLIANCE can lead the way. Your Brilliance is the combination of what you’re great at, and your unique energy source (your own brand of rebel energy).

The combination of your Brilliance (what you’re uniquely gifted at) and your rebel energy (what lights you up when you are connected to it) is what I help my clients reach. From that place, client attraction becomes easier, confidence soars, and increased profit is a direct result.

The way to profit is getting clients and making money. However, we’ve mostly heard that we need to stand out to get those clients. Standing out seems to get translated into “let me do the same marketing everyone else is doing” which doesn’t get the impact you’re looking for. It’s essential to tap into our unique energy, to be able to market and sell what is unique about each of us.

In fact, where we each stand out is with our unique energy and our brilliance, and that has to be infused into the sales and marketing strategies you use, or you end up just one more business that looks like so many others.


I help my clients align with their unique energy and brilliance, and then infuse them into a custom-fit business plan. I’ve learned that our energy is the key part of the success factor in our businesses.  It is by standing out, not blending in, that we will make our mark in the world. Our brilliance – the unique energetic blueprint each of us has – is the key element in distinguishing ourselves from every other person on the planet.

The bigger truth is, we’re not usually in business for the money. It’s great to have, but after speaking with hundreds of business owners, I know that what you’re really looking for is the ability to fulfill your dreams. Those dreams are beautiful, like:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Traveling the World
  • Freedom of Time and Space
  • Ability to Spend Precious Time with Loved Ones
  • Help Loved Ones
  • Create Foundations
  • Impact the World

The list goes on and on. At the heart of those dreams is where you need to start, or reconnect, to create the success of that business. Some of you have lost sight of the dream, and others are awakening to it and realizing that to accomplish it, you may have to do something different than you are right now. This can bring up a lot of pain.


It’s really painful to see your dream, and not be able to make it a reality.

I know about pain, too.  I was married to the wrong guy.  I told myself lots of stories to try and stay married, when the truth was, I was just miserable. The fears I used to avoid saying so wasted my time and led me to herniate 2 discs in my neck, and get arthritis in my knees, so I literally, could not move.  That denial also led me to stop being me.  I stopped being extroverted, and joyful.  I felt disconnected, and like I would never do anything with my life. I completely lost sight of my dreams.

Pain sucks.  But, pain, in my case, led me to choose between that pain, and my happiness.  It meant jumping into the unknown, and the possibility that things could be worse, but that they might be better.

I created BullBusting out of the desire to help others avoid that same pain.  What I find, over and over, is that in the course of following business recipes, magic formulas, and trying to copy what everyone else is doing, the core personality of the business owner gets lost in the marketing and they lose the essential connection with the energy that is essential for their success.  And, if you can’t be you in what you do, then you suffer, and, ultimately, so does your business.  The result is frustration with sales and marketing, not generating enough business to thrive, and wondering whether to give up.

My mission is to help you rediscover your innate brilliance, the core aspects of your truest energy, and to bring those alive in the way you market and sell your business, so that you can create a thriving business, and the life of your dreams.

I consider YOU the magic formula around which your business strategy should be developed.  Rather than give you cookie-cutter steps, I throw out the mold, and create around you.

Want to find out how best to use your brilliance in your business? Click here!

Oh, and if you wanted the boring resume facts, this is for you:

    • Over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and customer service, mostly with Fortune 500 companies
    • Founder of The Expat Coach Association and Directory
    • Former President Business Referral Group 1 for The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
    • Former Board Member of The International Coach Federation’s New York City Chapter
    • Speak 6 languages, have lived in 5 countries
    • Freelance writer for Entrepreneur and Travel Awaits
    • Run a blog of my nomadic life which allows me to pursue my passion while creating opportunities
    • Owner of Heather’s Handbags
    • Member of La Boule New Yorkaise – a Petanque club in Manhattan!
    • Big Apple Greeter volunteer

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