The Bull 3I recently went outside in my awesome pair of red shoes, and a woman in my elevator said, “Oh, I love your red shoes!”  We ended up in a conversation about how they are made by Clark’s shoes which has much better styles in Europe, and so she should shop there.  She concluded the conversation by saying, “But I’m too old to wear red shoes.”

The BustYou know me!  I said, “Perish the thought!  You are never too old for red shoes!”  The truth, though, is that we start getting very judgmental about age-appropriate attire, don’t we?  Somehow, apparently, it’s like “old people” (I don’t know what age one is consider old, thus the quotes, because that’s another judgment) are supposed to dress in conservative clothes in bland colors?  Is that what we’re saying?  Damn, I’m gonna be a real rebellious old person, then, because I like lots of color, and weird asymmetrical clothing.

20140318-221311.jpgThe point is, the only thing stopping you from wearing red shoes, or whatever it is you’re admiring, is your own belief that you shouldn’t, or your fear that other people will make fun of you or judge you poorly.  And that can happen at ANY age.  So, why not trade your worries in to make yourself happy, and just be happy wearing those red shoes you love? 😉

BullBusting Challenge – buy an article of clothing this week that you feel is rebellious, or that you think you are too old for and wear it!  See if you can tap into how great you feel wearing it, and get some unexpected compliments!


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