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Today’s Lie: Your Clothes Have to Match

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but it seems like there's a belief out there that your clothes need to match.  As a kid, I used to wear crazy clothes, get teased, and then cry.  Problem was, I grew up having to wear a uniform to school.  I could pick from a...

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Are You Thinking The Right Way?

A recent experience reminded me about the power of setting intentions. We walk around too often feeling powerless.  We get lost inside the vast thoughts of our mind, listening to the words that keep us down, justifying beating ourselves up, and open to low energy to...

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Have You Dropped Your Brain?

I was recently walking down the street with a friend, and we both gasped when the girl next to us, walking while texting, dropped her phone onto the pavement. The phone bounced, and came to a flat stop. She gasped. She uttered, "Oh, shit," (probably thinking of the...

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Time Travel Makes No Sense

During a recent jog in the park, my mind drifted to the subject of time travel.  (It can be argued that my mind drifts even when not jogging.) It struck me that there is absolutely no sense in inventing time travel at all. First of all, we'd each want to change...

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