You’re great at what you do.  In fact, you’ve actually done pretty well for yourself.  You’ve made the money, you’ve had the clients, you’ve done sales and marketing…, how come you’ve hit a slump?  Or, you are stepping in to a new service, or a new target market, and you know that what got you here won’t get you there.

This program is ideal for you to understand why you aren’t making your numbers anymore, and what you need to shift to up-level your results.  It’s also the ideal way to get clarity on launching a new part of your business to appeal to your revised target market.

What You Get:

  • An analysis of the core reasons your current business plan isn’t driving the results you want/your current business model and the one you’re trying to shift into
  • An energy and numerology assessment to learn how to be your best in your business and your business strategies
  • A foundational business plan from which to reach your results and rock your profit
  • Accountability as you implement the key stages of your business plan

Who You Are

  • A service-based business owner(s) who has had your business for more than 2 years
  • You’ve done a fair share of sales and marketing strategies – in other words though they may be frustrating to you, you are well-versed in utilizing different strategies in your business – so you’re in more of the frustrated camp, than overwhelmed 
  • You have a money plan – you know your numbers, you have spent time working on your packaging and pricing and understand, on a basic level, how to handle sales objections
  • You want to make a minimum of $8.5k/month 

When I finally quit my day job after a year of planning and developing my new business, I was surprised to learn just how hard it was to sell my own services, to demand a certain price point, to decide which marketing activities to invest in and to find time to exercise.

I hired Heather to help me figure out how on earth I was going to make enough money to cover my costs and turn my business around. The first thing Heather did was to help me understand–and put a price on–the value of what I deliver to clients and showed me the best ways to overcome common sales objections in a way that felt natural and comfortable to me. I had talked myself into thinking that my clients would only pay a much lower price point than I knew my services and time were worth, so even though I had a number of new clients, I wasn’t earning as much as I should have. Heather challenged me to charge all new clients 50 to 100 percent more, and I did! I haven’t had to make any exceptions, nor have I lost any sales due to pricing.

The second thing Heather did was to encourage me stop spending time and money on shiny new marketing programs that were exhausting me without generating new business, and refocused my efforts on selling full time instead. Her good humored, no-nonsense approach and evident business acumen made it possible for me to take in what she had to say, apply her recommendations and see real results. Even when her advice was difficult to accept because it meant I’d have to do things that do not come naturally to me, she provided tons of encouragement and support which gave me the confidence to try. The results speak for themselves: I doubled my income and tripled my referral volume in the four months I worked with Heather! My close rate is an unthinkable 80%–and the doubting voices in my head are gone!

Heather is smart, highly intuitive, has tons of sound business advice, is unexpectedly generous with her resources and time and gives it to you straight–in a respectful way. She was a perfect sounding board when I was flailing. What more could I want from a business advisor/partner?

Lisa Noble

Founder, Career Connectors LLC

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