This is the perfect place for you to uplevel your business, or get consistent revenue generation.  This plan helps you identify the key areas keeping you stuck in a revenue slump, gives you the foundational plan to build the revenue and client base you want, and turn it into sustainable profit. 

This is the right program for you if you feel like you’re working harder for your business than it is for you, and you’re not generating the results that you know you are more than capable of doing. 

What You Get:

  • Confidence that you CAN create the results you want
  • Clarity on your key business and personal blocks, and support to overcome them
  • The perfect business model – the one that is wrapped around YOU and your personality, not about you following magic steps that everyone else is doing that don’t work for you
  • A method to track money flow, create client systems, and track what’s working and what’s not
  • A review of your packages and pricing to ensure that your business is set up the best way to bring you profit

Who You Are:

  • You’ve had your business for 2 – 6 years, and worked your ass off.  Despite all that work, you just can’t seem to get the business to take off, and you’re wondering whether to give up
  • Most of your business is from referrals (when they come in)
  • You are frustrated by ongoing cycles where one month you have more business than you can handle and the next, you have no business – these cycles make paying your bills impossible
  • You have a vague idea of your numbers, but you haven’t really done an in depth review or thought about what drives your numbers, and how to drive them higher

Heather is a transformative marketing coach. Over a very short time working with her, my monthly revenue has quintupled- no joke. She is so incredibly adept at cutting through what doesn’t matter and putting you on the exact right path.

She can read what stage a business is at like nothing I’ve ever seen before and gives you step my step guidance on how to actually put the strategy you’ve created with her into execution mode. And man, will you see results!

I couldn’t recommend Heather enough if you’re struggling with getting your business off the ground, how to market yourself or growing your business. She rocks!

Jill Ozovek

Founder, Jill Ozovek Coaching

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