You want results, and you want them NOW.  You don’t have time to wait, you want to get shit done NOW…

You have some big goals.  You know you can accomplish them, you also know you need help to do it.  But, you don’t have time to spend months working out the how.

You’ve got a great business, but you’ve reached a hurdle and it seems to be in your way at every turn.  You’re stuck, your frustrated, and you want to move forward ASAP.

What You Receive:

  • A full day with Heather – get private access to all her expertise!
  • An in depth assessment of your current business strategies and bottlenecks
  • An understanding of how to bring in your energy to your business plan, and suggestions on where to tweak your strategies and where to enhance them
  • Customer service strategies – best ways to ensure that your clients feel nurtured and supported through the cycle of working with you
  • End-the-crazy-cycle strategies – we’ll make sure you stay above the work of your business, so you can manage it, instead of getting lost in it

There are no words to truly capture Heather’s coaching. Not only is Heather an amazing, insightful, super smart business coach but she is a fantastic person. She is a powerhouse when it comes to helping you ramp up your business in rapid speed.

Within the first few months of working with Heather, I saw change almost immediately. My business went from just a trickle of clients here and there to a floodgate of quality clients. I tripled my business income in just a few months. Heather taught me how to go from passive networking to strategically gaining clients at networking events. She also taught me to raise my fees confidently and I began booking clients at my higher rates. I mean, the results were just phenomenal.

But as amazing as Heather was at helping me grow my business, the biggest value I found in working with her was the never-ending confidence and belief she had in me. This undoubtedly propelled me forward in my business and in my life overall. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather and would without a doubt work with her again.

Ariane Hunter

Founder, Purposeful Living For Career Conscious Professionals

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