The Bull 3We give importance and value to money. We go further to say that having a lot of money means that we are accomplished or lucky, and an absence of money means we are unhappy, worried, and unsuccessful.  Oh, and we say that diamonds are valuable, too, and the bigger you get, the more impressive and wealthy you must be.

The BustWhat a crock of crap!  Money is simply a piece of paper or a piece of metal. The only thing that makes that piece of paper or that piece of metal valuable is our belief that it has value.  And diamonds?  Is it because they are shiny and multi-colored that we decided to ascribe value to them? 

Bull-CashCow-FINALIf we can value our selves, and our accomplishments based on the presence, or absence, of paper or metal, which actually have no value, then it’s time that we wake up and use our thoughts on ourselves.  Each of us is infinitely more valuable than the largest value, or the biggest stack of gold bars.  If the entirety of humanity can come to believe that an item has value, then surely we should be able to understand just how powerful our thoughts are, right?  

BullBusting Call to Action:  Right now, if you have any doubts about your own personal value, or the value of what you create, get busy and change your thoughts!  Tap into your own infinite value, and bring your belief in yourself out into the world.


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