The Bull 3A recent venture shopping for a fan tapped me into how easy we can settle for less than we want in our lives.  On this particular day, I wanted a small, white, fan for my apartment.  Home Depot offered me many versions of small fans, but they were black, or grey.  No white fans.  I actually almost bought one because the price, and size were right, but then my wise inner voice chirped up:

“Don’t settle for less than you want.  Someone else will have a small, white fan!”


The BustI realized that when we visualize something we want, and then settle for an alternative, we are actually speaking a grave subtext:

“I won’t be able to find what I want, it doesn’t exist.  So, I’m going to give up on what I want, and accept something else.”

Now, this could be called compromise, yes.  Or, it could be called giving up.  There are many valid reasons to compromise, and also to give up.  However, there are equally many reasons to keep believing in your vision until you create it!  Ironically, a day later, I went to another store and found several small, white fans!  So, by sticking to my vision, I eventually aligned with it.

PrintBut, what about relationships, or jobs?  Here is another “funny” one.  I created a list of 2014 goals a few months ago.  I just re-read it this week, and it turns out I’ve already accomplished about 75% of my vision!  I could have settled and come up with reasons that some of the vision wasn’t possible.  But I chose not to.

What about how you’re treated by your doctor?  (This one really irks me!)  I have been told by some people I should just get used to waiting upwards of 45 minutes after my appointment time to see a doctor.  The last one I worked with, when I asked her to explain the implication of a diagnosis, told me to look it up on the internet!  (Sadly, not a joke.)  I could have settled and continued to work with her.  Instead, I decided to look for a new doctor.

I can give you countless examples, but the point is, settling is merely accepting or revising a vision of what you want.  You have the power to stick with your vision and make it happen as you want it, or, you have the option of choosing thoughts and actions that validate why you need to give up on, or change, the vision of what you want.  Just realize that the choice is entirely up to you!

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