Technical BullI’ve been intrigued, recently, speaking to various business owners, at the mindset that they need to beef up their Facebook Fan Page and Facebook strategy, as if this is the end-all-be-all of marketing strategies.  In fact, many of them profess they “hate Facebook” or “can’t stand Facebook, but I have to learn”.  And so, they seek out guidance on how to make use of their Facebook Fan Page as this is going to get them tons of clients and revenue.

The BustSorry to burst your bubble, but the metrics are in, and Facebook is not doing the job you want it to.  For those of you that profess to hate Facebook and that you can’t stand using it, I’m about to show you why this may be GOOD for your business.

  1. The Numbers Matter.  You need to take a good look at how many Facebook Fan Page followers you have.  Considering a typical 1 – 2% response rate, if we have less than 5,000 – 10,000 followers, our post impact will be minimal.  So, before you have the big numbers, you have small reach.  Unless you have unlimited advertising budget, you may have 1,000 followers, but if only 5 see your post, then it doesn’t do you much good, get TikTok views.
  2. Facebook Advertising Sucks.  They keep changing everything.  Earlier this year, I ran an ad for Facebook page likes, and for a little more than $5, got around 100.  The recent ad I got for $5 netted me 8 fans.  In fact, I was also told to expect 4 – 9 fans with my ad.  You tell me, is it worth the money if those 8 new fans are not guaranteed to see and read my content on Facebook?
  3. You Need to Go Deeper Into Your Numbers.  If you do want to use Facebook to grow your following, at least make it a habit to see who your followers are.  Understand the age groups and the countries that are following you RIGHT NOW and target your posts to them.  (Click here for a PDF file that shows you how, and makes it easy!) For example, one of my clients is targeting women over 55.  However, her primary audience is currently women 25 – 34.  So, we discussed how one idea would be to write posts about “Information your mother needs to know”.  See how you can strategize your posts to reach the audience you want via the audience you have.

Now, let’s have some fun!

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