The Bull 3I find it rather ironic that we spend our lives trying to figure out our purpose, and for many, it seems like a never-ending journey, and sometimes a never-found purpose.  We know we came to earth “for a reason”, and we desperately want to know what that is.  We’ll expend time and money trying to figure it out.  And then there is that mid-life crisis – you’ve either concluded you can’t do your calling anymore, or you are frustrated looking for your calling yet again?


The BustGuess what?  Ever consider that you might have more than just ONE purpose and more than ONE calling on this earth?  Why beat yourself up thinking you have not found “IT” when, in fact, you might have found THEM?  I think more and more, we are tapping into the reality that we are multi-faceted, like diamonds, and multi-talented.  So why are we limiting ourselves to the belief that we have just one thing we were destined to do in life?  (If you understand, please enlighten me!)

callingMaybe our later years would be easier if we came to realize that our passions, interests, and skills grow and change over time, thus, it’s only normal that as we grow older, we grow into new pursuits and our alignment with a calling changes.  Rather than resisting the transition from one calling to the next, we could come to expect the shift.  Rather than attaching to the idea of only one calling, we could accept that we have simultaneous callings and that to feel a sense of purpose, we need to indulge all of them.

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