The Bull 3Have you ever noticed that we get conditioned, since childhood, to stop playing?  Very early on, nap time stops, and you’re expected to stay awake even though you’re exhausted.  You get yelled at for playing too much XBox or talking to your best friend because you should be doing your homework.  You go to work and heaven forbid you even crack a joke if your boss or their boss is on the phone with you.  And then you’re an adult.  And you’ve learned that only kids play, and that mature people (which you consider yourself to be) need to grow up and stop playing around.


The BustYou know what – bullshit!  I called my mom this week.  She is retired and a snowbird (for those who don’t know that term – it means she migrates South for the winter).  She didn’t answer her home phone, so I had to try her cell.  And you know what?  She couldn’t talk to me!  You know why?  Because she is playing golf, and is about to get off the golf cart for her turn.

So, it turns out our parents grow up, and play golf, or bridge, or well, anything!

So, what gives?  We get to play freely for a few years, and then we don’t feel good about doing it again until retirement?  Isn’t that just silly?  There’s a lot of people out there that think “responsibilities” mean no time to play.  There’s a mortgage to pay, kids to raise, marriages to save or leave, jobs to work.  And vacation ends up being a time to make up for all the napping you aren’t allowed to do now because outside of vacation or weekends, that’s now labeled as “lazy”.

Come on!  Let’s bring play into our 2015!  Let’s make it about being responsible AND playing.  Working by day AND playing by night if that’s the only way you can do it.  Just remember to invite the spirit of PLAY into your life.  🙂

And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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