The Bull 3I was recently at a networking event and met a charming young woman early into her business.  As we spoke about ways that she could cultivate new clients, she told me that she realized she is too young for most people to take her seriously!  You know that raised the bull flag for me, so here we go.


The BustIn today’s world, young people actually have a lot of support.  For example, I was recently watching Shark Tank (love that show!) and saw a teenage girl get the sharks to invest about $300,000 in her jewelry business.  At under 18, she was already a millionaire!  Kids today start using technology from the moment they are born.  There is the baby monitor, and then the toy cell phone, and then the iPad to distract them with movies….so, by the time they are teenagers, they have more technical skills than the lot of us “older” folks.  How old was Mark Zuckerberg when he created Facebook? (About 20.)

BullGraphic-swappedThe point is, age has very little to do with whether you can be successful in your business.  Worrying about your age simply means that you are more focused on how others may judge you.  In fact, confidence and passion are the main ingredients in your success.  If other people perceive that you can meet their needs, and that doing so excites you, they are going to think very seriously about hiring you – whether that be for a full time job, or buying the services or products your business has to offer them.  Focus on what you bring to the table, and the attention will come off your age.

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