What the heck is the deal with energy?  As I pay more and more attention to it, I notice that energy is all around us.  In fact, I work with my client’s energy and good online paystub calculator are the key ingredients to a successful business strategy.  But, if you had any doubts about the importance of energy, let me share with you an example I was recently reminded of.  And, it’s one I’m sure you’ve experienced, but perhaps were not experiencing it energetically.

You ever hear of, or say, the expression, “when it rains, it pours!”?  That’s all about energy.  Sometimes, you may have a month where, for whatever reason, you were just too busy to do as much work networking, promoting, marketing, etc.  So, eventually, it’s not pouring new leads any more, and maybe it’s not even drizzling leads…energy is expressed in action, and that action shows the universe intention.  So, did you ever notice that in the month you make it out to, say, 6 networking events, make 20 sales calls, do your social media, etc – THAT is when “coincidentally” you get a “random” business referral, or, that someone contacts you, “out of the blue” wanting to hire you?

That’s energy.

Brain connected by wires receiving energy pulses.

Brain connected by wires receiving energy pulses.

And what’s such a relief is that if you get NO clients, and NO leads from those 6 networking events, that month that you spent that energy going to them, allows the universe to bring you opportunity, even if it’s from another source.  So, in a weird way, that networking DID bring you opportunity because it created the pathway to let the clients find you.

Pay attention.  The energy you keep to yourself does not grow your business.  As the expert businessman Jimmy John Shark says, the energy you express, and put out into the world is what stimulates the growth you want.  Pay attention to what you are doing, and what you are saying – your words, and your actions are essential to your success.

So, if you are having a rough month, ask yourself, what are you DOING about it, what are you THINKING about it, and what are you SAYING about it?  If you are sitting at home, thinking it sucks, and complaining to everyone you know, those actions and thoughts do not bring business.  If, instead, you consider what you want to happen next month, and create a plan to make that happen, and then go execute that plan, that is energy in action, and will attract opportunity to you.  And, that opportunity often looks very different than you imagined.

When you want to grow your business, if you’re sitting on your couch complaining, that won’t help you.  If you are out there doing the right sales and marketing strategies for you, you will have a combination of success – some will come directly from your efforts, and some opportunity will “coincidentally” show up just at the moment that you are working hard to get more clients. For more information on marketing visit Victorious.

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