Watching France beat Germany was, for me, exhilarating.  First, yay France!  I love my German friends, however, France played an excellent game and after so many defeats by Germany, it was wonderful to watch them triumph.

As I evolve in my work with energy, this game had another fascination for me – how energy impacts the game. Because the correlations of this to your life and your business are extraordinary. If you were watching (or if you watch any sports game) you’ll hear the crowd cheering loudly for their favorite team.  That’s energy in motion – as the cheers got louder and louder for France, you could see the French players be energized by it and their intention to win made more powerful. The energy of the crowd made their energy, and their mission, more likely.

Think about your own life and business. Are you surrounded by fans, or by naysayers? Naysayers will zap your energy and magnify your feelings of struggle. Fans will supercharge your intentions, and make it more likely that you will accomplish what you set your intentions to. So, if you’re struggling at all in your life or business, look around you and ask, “Am I surrounded by fans, or do I need to find more of them?” If you need more fans, figure out what kind of support would be most helpful, and then be open to receiving it from unexpected sources.

french soccer 2Watching team France, the other energy was that of solidarity. They played together – they passed the ball, they looked out for each other as one family, united in their goal. The German team seemed to lack that synergy, and attempts to score seemed haphazard and uncertain, which resulted in balls that completely missed their mark.

If you work with a team – are you a united front, or are you blindly shooting at goals and missing the mark? If energy is scattered, it lacks power and consistency and that makes goals harder to achieve. When a team shares energy and directs it as one, the results are clearer, and the successes more likely.

The other energy that was present was excitement. The fans were excited to watch, and the players excited to play. For a while, the German team maintained their excitement and commitment to win, but as it became clearer that victory was not coming for them, their faces showed dashed hope, instead of excitement. However, they stayed in the game, even with scattered attempts to reach the goal, they stayed.

french soccer 3How excited are you about what you do? This is not exactly the same as passion, but a very close energy. Excitement is what fills us with energy to do what we love doing, and it’s what causes the right clients/customers to be drawn to us – because our excitement is a magnet for the right people. However, if you lack that excitement that’s when getting business becomes harder, because people may sense that you are not energetically aligned with what you are doing.

If you are noticing a struggle in your business, check in about whether you actually want to do what you are currently marketing and selling. If not, it’s time for a change.

The flow of energy is so important for each of us to recognize to inform us of why we are struggling, or why we are succeeding, so we can stay in alignment with the success and dreams we each have.

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