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You ever have one of those days that gets you thinking about “the good old days” when you remember being:

  • happier
  • more fun
  • funnier
  • better looking
  • a better dresser (not that you store clothes, but that you wear them, lol)
  • more spontaneous
  • more outgoing

OK, you get the point – it’s a “days gone by” experience that gets you in a demoralizing playback of better times behind, and then into a rut you go in your life, in your business and beyond…

The BustI have some good news!  You have not lost this awesome person!  OK, that was the good news.  The bad news is, you buried this person under a landslide of bullshit, comprised of; putting other people’s judgments and opinions ahead of yours, trying to fit in, fear, and choosing comfort over risk, among other reasons.

This “old you” that you think you’ve lost touch with is actually the joyous reason I created The BullBuster Café®.  And because I’ve recently taken some small business owners through some exercises that awakens them to this part, and it worked so well, I was inspired to write this post because I am really passionate about waking people up to the sleeping awesomeness that lies within them!

Many of us grow up believing, or concluding that we need to fit in – that means to make friends, get a job, do well in school, adapt to a new culture, etc – we need to behave like everyone else.  In the process of doing so, we learn that if we are “ourselves” we end up possibly being teased, laughed at, and not accepted.  Who wants that feeling?  And so, we begin to bury anything that might make us stand out from the crowd, silly us!  And then, we get older, and wonder where we went?  Doh!  It’s a crappy thing to do to ourselves, but when we choose acceptance over authenticity, what did we think would happen?lost self

When I see a person reconnect with the energy and the emotion and the joy that is part of their authenticity, my hairs stand on end with excitement for them!  It’s like magic.  The other great thing is that this part can exist in your life, and your business, and your relationships, what fun!  So, here are a few ideas for you if you are feeling disconnected from yourself, and trying to “get home”:

  1. Look for joy in the past. Your past is a great informer of your present potential.  If you used to have it, you still do, it’s in there somewhere, we just need to find it!  So, spend some time on the memories in which you remember being you, and what that meant for you.
  2. Forgive.  In the process of remembering your old self, you may need to forgive others, and innately, yourself, for making you feel like you had to hide this wonderful piece of yourself – by forgiving pain, you open to joy!
  3. Plan and par-tay.  Once you find your old self, and allow the joy to come into your life, figure out some ways to welcome yourself back!  This might be about the clothes you wear, an accessory you put on, a color, a place you go, an attitude you step into…the important thing is to figure out some ways to integrate the old you into the current you, so they once again become a whole person!  At that point, you can bring the old you into your life, and into your business.

Want to see how good your business authenticity is?  Take the quiz!

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