The Bull 3Creativity is such an interesting term, and I am often surprised by the number of people I meet that refer to themselves as NOT creative.


The BustFor some reason, many people get it in their minds that they are not creative because they can’t paint or draw. I make handbags and jewelry, and when I go to networking events, I meet all kinds of interesting people, and often hear from them, “I wish I were creative.”  They look at a necklace I’ve made, and draw the conclusion that because they don’t know how to make one, they are not creative.


As a business owner, creativity is at the heart of what you do, so if you’re not referring to yourself as creative, then you’re missing out on your innate brilliance! Creativity is about way more than painting and drawing!  (By the way, to set the record straight, I am not a talented drawer!)  Art is one form of creativity, but so is graphic design, and most importantly, for all you business owners, so are your thoughts!

Remember, within the word creativity, is its root – CREATe – it’s about what you create!  So, think about your very business – that is creativity at it’s essence.  The products you have developed, the blog posts you have written, the programs you have created – those are all part of your unique creativity. You have a beautiful mind, full of amazing ideas, concepts, unique ways at looking at problems – so the next time your creativity feels challenged, remember everything you have created up till now, and claim your creations!

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