The Bull 3Those of you that offer prospects the opportunity to study with you in a specific topic know what I mean.  You might align with your passion, you might even realize that you know a thing or two about what you are passionate about, but who are YOU to bill yourself as expert enough to teach this program?  Even though YOU know you’re famous, most of the world does not yet realize it.  Without that fame, it’s hard to feel that you have the credibility to make an offer people would be interested in.  And, if you don’t believe you have enough credibility to design an offer, well, you clearly won’t start working on it, will you?  You may be a grown adult, but boy the thought of standing in front of peers as an expert makes you feel like a babe in a cradle with no clue.

scared expertAnd then, how convenient, you’ve excused yourself from even trying and all that anxiety you had goes away because you’ve just given up altogether on the outcome you are 100% sure of – making an ass of yourself trying to get other people to see you as an expert in your chosen subject area.


The BustThe truth of the matter, at least in my experience, is that most of us that create programs are actually going through the problem, development, transition, etc that we want to teach, at the moment we put together the curriculum!  It’s truly beautiful, but our programs are so rich because we are taking the moment-by-moment experience of our journey, and developing an outline and steps and exercises around the very work we are doing ourselves.  So, how can you NOT consider yourself an expert if you are actually expertly navigating the item you are developing a program for?


Once you get over this limiting idea that you are not an expert, a wealth of opportunity opens itself to you!  I hired a coach, and developed my Personality Based Marketing system over the course of a year.  I came up with the initial steps, then worked with a client who helped me see where gaps existed, and development was required.  Within months I had the makings of a manual, and then I found participants to trial it out at a discounted fee.

They helped me make the program even more dynamite, AND, the beauty is, they also helped me see how powerful the results were for them.  That made me super excited!  I had the courage to take the risk to put a body of work out there, be open to feedback (good and bad), make more tweaks, and that only increased my confidence with the material.


It’s really not rocket science – it’s about plugging in to your passion, and using the fire it ignites to create your path to accomplishment.  As you can tell from the past few blog posts, my focus and joy is around helping others awaken to, and live from their passion.  It’s no fun to sleepwalk through life, so if you can connect to what lights you up and live from there, imagine what becomes possible!

Come find out some great strategies to plug into YOUR passion and find the motivation to make 2014 the year you create from it at the Passion Personality and Social Media workshop!

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