The Bull 3If you own your own business, you will at some point need to go through the process of finding some clients.  (At least until you can hire someone else to do that for you!)  Unfortunately, when starting out, it’s all too easy to fall into the opinion that you’re too pushy.  This can devastate your business because “I’m too pushy” will have you give up contacting someone after only one attempt, and “I’m too pushy” will have you judging yourself as an awful person, just for following up, even with someone that may be desperate for your service or product!


The BustSo, let’s bust the over-pushy bull together!  Here are some ideas to help you:

  1. Remember people need you!  You have a valuable service or product.  The world needs it.  Instead of focusing on your fear, focus on the fact that you are making someone’s life better with what you have to offer, and let that inspire you to make more than one attempt to let someone know about you.
  2. Persistence and Pushy are not the same.  In my opinion, “pushy” is akin to “manipulation”  Pushy is where someone bullies you into buying by making you feel badly for not buying.  Persistence is where you make good notes in your Customer Relationship Management system (don’t know what that is?  Check out HighriseHQ) with the date and method of contact you used and enter a note for you to follow up in a week and actually do it!
  3. Try using the phone, for something other than the internet!  With the ability to use our “smartphones” we’ve gotten kind of dumb, letting the phone do everything for us online.  Do you know that the best way to connect with someone is, well, to connect!  Your voice (unless you’re a smoker or have a terrible cold or laryngitis) can be way more effective than an an email!  Don’t leave phone calls out of your prospecting strategy.

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