bull-technicalIf you have a Facebook Fan Page, you know the fun of getting people to like your page.  You may even have struggled with which image to use for the banner, spending days, or weeks, going through every photo on your hard drive, then doing Google image searches, then realizing you didn’t want a copyright issue, so changing to royalty-free image searches, then worrying about publishing a page with no posts….



The BustIf you are open to it, however, creating a Facebook page can be easy, and, so can the process of getting people to like your page.  Here are a couple of ideas from a free report I recently wrote:

  1. Make sure you share your page with all your audiences.  In order to create a Facebook page, you must first have a Facebook (personal) profile.  You can log in as your personal profile, and share with your friends the link to your new page! (Or old page, if you haven’t done this yet!)  Your immediate friends and connections are a great audience to ask to like your page!  You will also see, on your fan page, the ability to invite friends to like your page.  This can be a bit more time consuming, but is another way to reach the same audience.
  2. Make sure your fan page header clearly communicates what you are about.  Consistent branding is important.  But, what’s really important is that someone who visits your page can understand, in under 10 seconds, what you are about.  We each need to decide whether your page resonates with us, or offers us something we need.  My old banner was really cute, and consistent with my branding, but fairly unclear when it came to messaging.  Make sure you don’t turn away potential likes because of unclear messaging.
  3. Use all your online real estate to create awareness of your page.  If you have a website or a blog, make sure they have links to your Facebook fan page.  If your website gets visits, why not inspire people to stay connected with you longer term by providing them the link to your fan page?!  Ideally, you can find either an icon which we all recognize as Facebook, or a widget that invites people to connect.

Want more ideas?  Download the full report here!  There’s even a helpful video tutorial! 😉

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