The Bull 3This one is from Rudolph himself! 🙂  All of us has a red shiny nose – that thing that sets us apart from others.  We grow up thinking there is something wrong with us because we have some power or logic, or awareness or skill that nobody else has.  We might even be able to move objects with our mind, see ghosts, the future, boy are we whacky!  We learn to hide this difference so that we can blend in with those around us, because otherwise we’re going to be teased again, oh, no!



The BustYour “shiny red nose” is your leading asset.  There was a wonderful line from the, um, less than blockbuster movie “What a Girl Wants” that I think sums this up – “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”  That is literally true for each of us.  We search and search for our life purpose and it’s right there in front of us – you were born with a blessing and once you accept it, you can understand the gifts you can bestow on the world by embracing your core.

And you know I’m all about using Marketing to stand out in the field, so I’m a big believer that our “shiny red nose” (noseS in some cases) is what lights the path to distinguishing our businesses.


Think about it – Rudolph’s dad tries to hide his shiny nose and he is eventually shunned from the entire reindeer team when they find out about it.  Santa, who you’d think would be supportive, instead totally adds to the rejection, but low and behold, when there’s a huge storm that threatens to ruin Christmas, that nose sure does come in handy!  And, by this time, Rudolph has grown and learned to accept himself – see how the two go hand in hand? (Because there are no coincidences! 😉 )

So, if you’ve been hiding YOUR shiny red nose, make NOW the time you start showing it to the world.  Yes, some people might reject you, but the ones that accept you are loving you for who you are, rather than who you’re trying to be, and THAT is a true friend.

Happy Holidays!


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