The Bull 3One of the toughest things we need to accomplish as business owners is setting ourselves apart from other businesses swimming in the same sea of service or product type. That is why specialized medical spa marketing can feel like a godsend. It’s easy enough to get lost and then drown, in that sea, as it fills up with more and more “fish” that seem to be almost carbon copies of your own business.

The BustMy belief is, if you try to market what makes you the same as everyone else, then your marketing will be the same, your language will be the same, and your lack of success will likely also be the same. You need to kickstart your marketing by honing in on what makes you DIFFERENT. This is the basis of what I teach my clients – what are their unique selling points, how their product offers an edge, creative ways to use various marketing tools like paid social media singapore services, and more. Here are a few ideas to figure out how to use your uniqueness to develop a unique marketing strategy:

  1. Focus on Your Interests. Often times, the key to distinguishing your marketing strategy may lie in what you love doing. Let’s say you are a real estate agent, and one of your interests is collecting antiques and China. Well, as a real estate agent, you help people find new homes. People who move into a new home need decorations, and perhaps plates to eat on. So, if you found a local antique dealer or China retailer, you might find a way to create a referral base. Or, you could get creative, and make a unique housewarming experience for your clients as part of your process, that engages your favorite antique dealer. Go to company websites such as to see how you can hone customer based skills within your marketing, making it targeted to what you need.
  2. Engage Your Personality. Who you are is such an important part of your marketing and yet it is also something that many solopreneurs overlook in an effort to try to be perceived a certain way that usually involves conservative marketing strategies that do not divulge their personality at all. Instead of hiding your personality, try letting it shine through in your marketing materials, website, etc. HINT – I used to hide the fact that I love cows in my businesses. Now, I’ve created by business around them – that was creative, inspired, and let’s me have FUN. The people that align with my creative, fun, inspiration, know the experience they’re in for when they work with me, and usually have a great time doing it! Showing your customers the experience they will get working with you is a perfect foundation for your marketing efforts.BullGraphic-swapped
  3. Make It Simple. A lot of times we get so caught up in how complicated marketing is that we forget to go with the simple. Think about how you can use FREE resources, use your CREATIVITY (or mischievousness!) and have FUN as you go through the marketing strategy process. One effective, but still simple, method of marketing is an LED video display. Businesses just have to create some visual content that lets people know what the business sells, then they can get it displayed on a large building. This should grab so many people’s attention. To learn more about these pixel pitches that are used on LED displays, it might be worth visiting SNA Displays over here. That should allow businesses to gain more publicity, hopefully, increasing their brand awareness.

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