The Bull 3Anyone ever ask you if you meditate?  Like, you’re complaining about life not quite going the way you want, or your stressed and overwhelmed, and there is this magic solution.

“Do you meditate?”

meditationOne simple question, and you answer something like, “I think about meditating, does that count?  It’s like meditative thought.”  But you know it doesn’t really count, because you don’t actually have time to sit down and close your eyes, or when you do, you just don’t do it, because, you know, you have to keep being busy so you can keep that high stress level going….

Some of us end up feeling badly that we don’t make the time to meditate.  Like maybe it really is a good solution.  We’ve tried to create 5 minutes, even just 1 minute, a day, even in the bathroom.  You do it once a day for 2 days, and then you realize it’s been 6 weeks since you last did it….

The Bust

joggingHow ’bout this?  Instead of getting upset about NOT meditating, realize that HOW you meditate is completely up to you.  I had been struggling myself with making the time to sit on my cushion (I even bought an awesome one at a Buddhist retreat center!).  In the past year, I started jogging.  I came to realize that while I jog, with the music of my choice, I go into meditative thought.  So, running has become my form of meditation.  I let my mind wander, I contemplate things, seek and find answers to problems, it’s better than many sessions I’ve done in a cross-legged position trying to focus my mind on nothing.

So, if you want to bring meditation into your life, and your business, simply figure out what activity you are already doing, or can do, that will allow your mind to wander freely!

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