The Bull 3When you start a business, one of the toughest parts can be getting yourself out there.  Your website isn’t ready, you don’t have your business cards yet (actually, you don’t even know what they should say), you haven’t even thought of a logo, you’re not sure how to describe what you can do for people, or what your offer is, in fact, you haven’t really figured out what it is that you will offer because there are at least 5 things you can do, and you don’t want to to confuse people, but you’re confused…..

The BustSound familiar?  Many new business owners I speak with are extremely gifted at offering excuses as to why they aren’t ready to get out there yet.  (Now THERE is a business idea – if only we could get paid for our reasons to stay home!)  The irony is, it’s WHEN we get out there that we find out what we can do.  By mulling around all the reasons that we aren’t quite ready to get started, the clarity isn’t there, and so forth, we are actually wasting valuable time allowing this information to come from us from:

  • people we meet at networking events
  • mistakes made by trying one path and figuring out we’re not good at it, or made a bad impression
  • “random” meetings with “exactly the person I needed to get me to the next step”….

VulnerabilityIt’s sort of like love – our fear of vulnerability keeps us from experimenting, learning, and taking risks.

However, it is only when you take the risk that might lead to failure that you learn where your greatest success lies.

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