The Bull 3In today’s world, we’ve seen the emergence of a marketing trend to create, gather, and market to communities. If you’re just starting a business, or transitioning to a new one, it can be easy to believe that one little old (or young) person can’t start a community.  I mean, after all, it’s just you, and a community isn’t a community till there are, what, 5 million people in it, and your Facebook page has at least 1 billion Likes…?


The BustSomebody get me the BS horn! Yes, that’s the beauty of it, one person not only can, but DOES start a community!  You start by being YOU and doing what YOU do.  For some, it’s a YouTube video that goes viral, a la Kid President.  For others, it’s a blog that catches attention, or an article…..the point is, yes, one person can do it.  Of course, you have to put yourself out there to start.  A community is as big as you want it, or make it.  Unity in the Community Logo2As an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, I was always inspired by our Reiki Master with whom we offered free circles – she simply put her mind to expanding the group and welcoming more people, and it was like she waived a magic wand – our group of roughly 10 people soon became 30 and more each week.  It was a solid community of both Reiki practitioners and guests that wanted to receive the energy.  The neat thing about a community is that with all the vehicles to attract them (e.g. your blog, your Facebook fan page, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, newsletter, etc) there are no limits to how big it can grow AND you create a voice for the people that are following you because your own message inspires them to action.

So, how can you create your own community?

  1. Just do it! Create the vehicle(s)/platform(s) you want to use and start using them.  Don’t worry about perfection, just say what you have to say.
  2. See who shows up. When people start following you, see what messages they offer about why you are interesting or inspiring to them.
  3. Interact with them.  Once you get a following, consider asking them what more they want to hear about from you – let them inform you about your gifts and what you have to offer that you might not even realize.

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