The Bull 3Inspired by a post from a friend, asking for some ideas to stop being so frustrated by working out, today’s lie focuses on our sometimes belief that we have to do things that frustrate us.  How many activities do you do in a day or week that you actually hate doing?  Maybe it’s taking out the trash, or maybe it’s working out and dieting to an extreme and not seeing any results, maybe it’s working really hard and not getting clients or a promotion.  And yet, you plug along, because you believe that you have to keep doing these frustrating activities to accomplish the results you want.


The Bust

Ah, hello?  You ever hear of expressions like:

“Beating your head against the wall…”

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”


There is a reason that these expressions exist!  If you are trying to lose weight, and you are working out like crazy and dieting and not getting any results, that would drive you insane if you keep working out and dieting thinking that the impact will be different.  And, if you’re working 100-hour weeks and seeing the same benefit as someone working 40-hour weeks, that would be frustrating too!

If you take your focus off the action, and, instead, focus on the result you want, you might just get yourself out of that frustration!  If you’ve been working really hard, and the results are not happening, it’s most likely a good indication that you need to work differently, or take a step back all together.  If your gym and diet routine is not getting you results, maybe try NOT working out and dieting so much until you can approach it with less frustration.


Here’s a radical thought, instead of doing things that frustrate you, do things that you enjoy!  It might seem crazy, but if you’re happy, you’re usually less frustrated.  Still with me? If you’re less frustrated, you are more excited and inspired.  Have I lost you yet?  If you’re more inspired, you usually get results!  So, challenge yourself to find a different approach to accomplish the same goal.  It might just save you from insanity.  😉

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