The Bull 3You know how you have that friend, or that family member that has a computer, a smartphone, and an iPad, but still likes to call you to look up websites, phone numbers, addresses, make dinner reservations, and more?  So, you go to Google, baffled that they can’t figure it out, and send them the information, thus making them now dependent on your amazing Google skills that they will never match…


The BustToday’s blog is thanks to a friend who pointed out that your prayers have been answered!  (Mine, too.)  For all the people in your life that need to learn to Google, use Let Me Google That For You the next time they bother you!  Click here to experience it for yourself!  googleit(Type in the search term, and you will get a link to send to your friend/family member.  When they open it, they will get a tutorial on how to use Google!)


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