The Bull 3Well, this is more like a half-lie, as those of us who use social media know! We are really good at bashing social media because we tend to focus on the Farmville updates, annoyance at our friends’ updates of every moment of their lives to such a point we may de-friend them, being targeted by advertisers, and, well, we could go on and on, and let’s not even start with what it does to relationships!

The BustOK, but if you have a business, and you hate social media for all the aforementioned reasons, AND the dislike and overwhelm at the idea of posting regular updates you don’t have time for, you are probably looking for some positive reasons to use social media, eh?  OK, let’s take a deep breath – air goes in, and hold, and on the exhale, release the social media sound bytes, and exhale….

Here are some positive reasons to use social media that you can try focusing on the next time you get caught up in too much social megativity –

  • Building relationships.  Intuitively, you may, or may not, think of social media to build relationships.  LinkedIn is the professional tool, and through linkedin automated prospecting, we can maximize our business dealings. We know that Facebook allows us to be a bit more personal so that’s someplace maybe we can build relationships, but what about Twitter?  Here’s a nice example of how relationship building can grow a business.  A few years ago, I was at a conference, and came across a wonderful company called Soul Friends. (Shout Out!)  They are a wonderful business that helps other businesses, and I post a feed to my blog on their site.  They actually read through what people are submitting to them, and use Twitter to forward our posts to a larger audience.  Now, as their member, I feel so touched, that I want to thank them, AND, here I am posting a shout out and a link back to their site, and recommending them to you.  Twitter really can be useful, SURPRISE!


  • Getting the word out about an event.  If your business offers free webinars, workshops, teleclasses, etc., social media is such an easy way to spread the word through all your networks and invite people!  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s helpful.
  • Creating a community/supporting a cause.  How many times have we heard about the wonderful stories and causes that have been forwarded through social media?  How about the one where Karrie Brown, a young girl with Down’s Syndrome got her dream of modeling for Wet Seal by setting up a Facebook page and getting 11,000 Page likes?

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