The Bull 3How many times a week do you have that random experience:

  • you run into a friend on the street from another country that you haven’t seen in 10 years while meandering streets on vacation
  • a check arrives in the mail that is the exact amount you need to cover a bill or take a class
  • your wedding officiant informs you he can’t make your wedding 2 days before the big date (true story)

And you write it off as mere coincidence.  There is no meaning behind anything that happens, it just happened, and had you walked down a different street, had you not wanted that class, maybe those things wouldn’t have happened, right?


The BustBULLSHIT!  I think of coincidence as the universe responding to our thoughts.  You wouldn’t even notice these “coincidences” if they were not directly related to a desire or a fear you had in the moment it occurred.  (Because, surely, other “coincidences” are happening to you every day that you are oblivious to since you don’t need that information in that moment.)

You see, you have to want something to manifest it happening.  Once you want it, you think it.  It becomes a picture, an idea, and a feeling.  And then sometime later, boom!  There is that person, that circumstance, that “random” series of events that bring you exactly what you thought you wanted.  (And therefore, the reason we all have to be careful about what we think!)

coincidenceFor anyone wanting to battle a fear, such as leaving the cushiness of a day job to venture out on their own, the power of coincidence becomes not just inspiring, but essential.

Knowing that the universe is guaranteed to respond to your desires, you can know that if you take that risk, the universe will provide some sort of “coincidence” that aligns with what you want!

How many times have you heard a friend or someone on Facebook who leaves everything behind and leaps into the unknown, and ends up “happening” to meet a group of people that bring forth some amazing project they had been dreaming about?

This isn’t about money, it’s about the fulfillment of what your heart most deeply wants to manifest. So the next time you say some derivative of, “Wow, what a coincidence!” go back to the thoughts and desires that you had and realize how you successfully created and manifested them into reality.

BullBusting Challenge – Spend a few minutes each day over the next week thinking about something that makes your heart wildly excited.  Imagine it actually happening, and how you feel in that moment.  Then stay tuned for the universe to answer!

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