Bust Your Bull, Boost Your Brilliance, and Create Unstoppable Profits 

Grow your business by your own rules instead of following someone else’s

Tired of the same old sales and marketing tactics?

You’ve bought tons of sales and marketing programs, you’ve implemented every step, you’ve triple checked you did it right, and yet, you don’t have more cash.  What gives?  What if there was a way to guarantee you’d create unstoppable profits in your business by doing things YOUR way, and get support along the way, and not have to bust your bank account to do it?  Imagine if you could have…..

More Time

To Do What You Want

More Clients

that love working with you and bring out your best

More Confidence

simply by exuding your innate brilliance

Pay-it-forward Profit

you can live your dream, and help others to live theirs.

The Bull to Brilliance Incubator is designed to give you the tools you need to reach your ideal clients in a way that both taps into your core brilliance and makes people line up to work with you. Rather than teach you a bunch of marketing strategies that don’t work, we uncover what’s getting in the way of ANY strategy working for you, and then support you growing your business in the best way for you. So, we become that voice in your head that says “Yes, you CAN do it your way” and help you succeed.

Heather Markel,
Founder, BullBuster™ Business Coaching

How Does It Work?

I know, you’ve been through this already, and it’s pretty damn frustrating.  You either paid lots of money for other programs or coaches and are still in the same place that you paid to get out of (stuck, overwhelmed, not making enough money) or, you are thoroughly nauseous trying to implement strategies that just feel wrong, down to the core of your bones.  However, you don’t know what else to do, so you’ve put up with an upset stomach just so you can feel you’ve done SOMEthing, even if it doesn’t work.

But, what you really want is results – the real kind:

  • Clients that line up to work with you because they love your unique style and energy
  • Feeling inspired about your sales and marketing work, rather than exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed
  • Money IN, that let’s you know you’re doing the right stuff

So, rather than just teach you basic sales and marketing principles, I teach you how to tap into your core BRILLIANCE as the magic that gets you the results you want.  What no one else will tell you is that it’s what you’re NOT doing that is leading to the lack of results.  Your bull is completely hosing up the potential success you can have with any product, program, or person you’ve tried up to now.  If you don’t get that bull out of the way, nothing works, plain and simple.  So, we will be looking at the core BULL that stops clients and money coming your way with every topic we cover, and then we’ll look at how you can bust that bull, and use your brilliance to make sales and marketing work for you.

This is about showing you how to create a brilliance based business, where we are going to have you stop playing by other people’s rules so you can play by your own rules….so you can win at your own game instead of losing at other people’s and laugh all the way to the bank!

Who Is It For?

 The Incubator is perfect for you if:


  • You have a service-based business.  These concepts work best for service based businesses.  If you sell products, you may still benefit, but the intended audience are service-based business owners.
  • You are currently in business, and are sick and tired of working hard, but not getting the results that represent all your work.  You may have just started it, or you may have had it for 6 years – you’ve got at least 6 – 12 months experience trying to set up your business, so you’ve gotten an understanding that there are a lot of sales and marketing strategies, and you’ve also seen that most of them don’t seem to work for you.
  • You want more clients and more profit.  Your objective right now is to increase your numbers, point blank.
  • You want something different than just a “how-to” program.  While we will be covering many strategies, the key differentiator is that the focus will be on why the strategies you’ve tried to use aren’t working for you, and often don’t work, and how you can add your unique brilliance to each one to make them work for you.

What Will It Cover?

Here is a sample (there will be many other topics!) of some of the content we will be covering.  For each topic we’ll look at the various ways bull gets in your way, and then talk about how your brilliance can transform your way to success :

  • Brilliance Based Websites – from blah to batting it out of the park with attraction.  When is the right time to go big versus just do it?  Should you have a logo and brand?
  • Brilliance Based Social Media – instead of just throwing your money into ads, and posts, we’ll look at how you infuse your own unique energy and personality into everything you put into public domain
  • Brilliance Based Networking – most networking tips come from the stone age.  We’ll get real about why your ideal clients seem so hard to find, and then we’ll talk about how to be magnetic, desirable, and attract clients like there is no tomorrow by being yourself.
  • Brilliance Based Selling – how to sell without feeling slimy, and get comfortable with asking people to work with you.
  • Brilliance Based Money Strategies – from limitation to inspiration – ending feast or famine cycles, changing your relationship to money
  • Planning for Success – it all starts with planning what you want
  • Brilliance Based Video – how to put your best face forward.  should you or shouldn’t you?  How to use it, where to use it, how to own it.

If you’re ready to create unstoppable profits in your business, feel more clear about what strategies are best for you to get more clients and cash, and want to have access to a great group of entrepreneurs to grow with you, read on to find out how to join us and don’t forget to learn more about our business spending management program!

Enroll in the Bull to Brilliance Incubator group.


Who Is This For?
This program is ideal for you if you’re launching a business, or stuck in a rut after trying to make your business work for a while. It’s also great if you just can’t yet afford a full-time coach, but know you need to get some more support than doing it all on your own.

How Can This Help You?
Heather spent much of her life following other people’s rules and trying to please them, so she knows, first-hand, what it’s like to try and fold yourself up like a pretzel to fit into someone else’s ideas of how you “should” create and run a business and a life, and get nowhere but stuck. She loves helping entrepreneurs understand that they can build their ideal business in a way that’s authentic to who they are, rather than following cookie cutter models that make them feel like vomiting and giving up.

2Attend classes (or listen in to what you missed).

Every month, you’ll get two calls with Heather.  One call will help you understand core business building skills and why nothing has worked till now, and one call will be Q&A, live, with Heather, where you can ask questions to help you grow your business!

You will learn/receive:

  • 2 Live calls with Heather every month (value $1,500)
  • Ongoing access to Heather and an amazing group of entrepreneurs with a private Facebook group (value $700)
  • Templates to seal in the learning (value $900)
  • Access to call recordings (value $500)

 That’s $3,600 of value for a fraction of the cost.

3Get Access


Why Join?
Being part of an amazing group of people is one of the best and most supportive ways to grow your business – and it works a lot better than feeling and being alone every step of the way.  And, you get ongoing access not just to an amazing group of peers, but direct to Heather for ongoing support as you implement everything you’re taught.

Who Is Heather?
I’m a quirky, fun, direct talking rebel of other people’s rules.

Following a long life of stuffing myself into the life ideals of other people, leading to near suffocation in the wrong marriage (resulting in 2 herniated discs, arthritis, and misery), I finally woke up to my own bull, busted it, and created a sustainable business on my own terms.  I am passionate about helping other people find their fastest path to success with a lot less pain than I endured.

How Much Does The Incubator Cost?
If you were to purchase each of these items separately, you’d end up paying $4,750 per month.

But, if you sign up for the full program, you’ll pay only $147 per month!  And, your rate is guaranteed, FOREVER, as long as you remain in the group.


What People Are Saying About Working With Heather

"I feel like my confidence level has come up....thanks to this group and Heather...."

I am celebrating the reality that I don't have to please everyone and I am not afraid to say NO when I don't want to do something ( in business and in my personal life) 😀 I feel like my confidence level has come up....Thanks to this group and Heather I know I have talents that other Photographers don't have and I need to FOCUS on that so that more people will notice this too! I love what I do and I want to create great memories for people thru my photography!

I have worked with Heather Markel on a Personal Coach level as well as in a Group. I feel she tells me like it is to help me work thru my Bull! Heather won't let me make excuses....she helps me get to the bottom of an issue by asking the right questions! She always seems to know just the right questions too! 😀 If you are looking for someone to help you thru your Bull then she's the one to do it!!! Thank you Heather for being you and helping me thru getting to Me!!!

Kim Ingram

Founder, Kim Ingram Photography

“I doubled my income and tripled my referral volume in the four months I worked with Heather! My close rate is an unthinkable 80%–and the doubting voices in my head are gone!”

When I finally quit my day job after a year of planning and developing my new business, I was surprised to learn just how hard it was to sell my own services, to demand a certain price point, to decide which marketing activities to invest in and to find time to exercise.

I hired Heather to help me figure out how on earth I was going to make enough money to cover my costs and turn my business around. The first thing Heather did was to help me understand–and put a price on–the value of what I deliver to clients and showed me the best ways to overcome common sales objections in a way that felt natural and comfortable to me. I had talked myself into thinking that my clients would only pay a much lower price point than I knew my services and time were worth, so even though I had a number of new clients, I wasn’t earning as much as I should have. Heather challenged me to charge all new clients 50 to 100 percent more, and I did! I haven’t had to make any exceptions, nor have I lost any sales due to pricing.

The second thing Heather did was to encourage me stop spending time and money on shiny new marketing programs that were exhausting me without generating new business, and refocused my efforts on selling full time instead. Her good humored, no-nonsense approach and evident business acumen made it possible for me to take in what she had to say, apply her recommendations and see real results. Even when her advice was difficult to accept because it meant I’d have to do things that do not come naturally to me, she provided tons of encouragement and support which gave me the confidence to try. The results speak for themselves: I doubled my income and tripled my referral volume in the four months I worked with Heather! My close rate is an unthinkable 80%–and the doubting voices in my head are gone!

Heather is smart, highly intuitive, has tons of sound business advice, is unexpectedly generous with her resources and time and gives it to you straight–in a respectful way. She was a perfect sounding board when I was flailing. What more could I want from a business advisor/partner?

Lisa Noble

Founder, Career Connectors LLC

"Heather was willing to be flexible and give me what I needed rather than adhere strictly to a pre-defined model."

I hired Heather to help me understand how best to market my products to individual clients, and was having trouble finding someone that understood the corporate and individual markets. She brings both to the table, which is one of her key differentiators. Heather was also willing to be flexible and give me what I needed rather than adhere strictly to a pre-defined model.

Heather's practical approach helped me get things done (she goes beyond concept to implementation) and get to the heart of what mattered most to me so I could bring that into my marketing to attract the right type of clients.

Neena Newberry

Newberry Executive Solutions

Choose your payment option below.  Prices will increase, but your rate is locked in, and will never increase, as long as you remain a continuous member!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make some of the calls?
No problem!  All calls are recorded and you will have access to a private page where you can listen to those recordings any time.
What if I have a question and can't make a call?
We got you covered!  You’ll be invited to email us your questions in advance of any call you will miss, and we will answer it during the call and you can catch the replay!
Can I join at any time, or just at the launch periods?
You can join at ANY time!  The beauty of the incubator is that no matter when you join, you can access any calls you’ve missed on your private group page, benefit from the learning and then join us live to continue learning.
How is your program different than other business coach's programs?
Most other programs will teach you “how to” –

  • How to use Facebook ads
  • How to make videos
  • How to use Social Media
  • etc

The Bull To Brilliance Incubator will teach you why none of those other programs have worked for you.  For each topic we talk about, we’ll look at the BULL that’s been sabotaging your results, and then how you can tap into your brilliance at each phase of the game to boost your profit.

How do I get help in-between calls?
Part of your program is ongoing access to a closed Facebook group where you can post questions and Heather will answer you live – post any time, any day, and Heather will directly give you coaching and information to help you succeed!
Can you elaborate on the price guarantee?
Sure!  As long as you remain a continuous member, you will pay the rate you joined, forever.  So, if I am still running this group in 5 years, and you’re still in it, and the prices have quintupled, you will be paying 5 times less than people that join in 5 years.

If you decide to leave the group, and rejoin at a later point, then you will pay the current rates at that time.

What if I decide to leave the group?
If you decide to leave the group, you may do that at any time.  Until you notify us of your desire to cancel, your membership will be automatically renewed at whatever term (monthly or 6 months) you choose.  You may cancel billing renewals as long as you let us know at least 2 weeks prior to your renewal period, in writing, that you’d like to cancel.
Are you teaching strategies and techniques as part of this program?
While the emphasis is on helping you discover ways to use your individual brilliance to succeed, yes, there will be some teaching, AND open Q&A calls are free forum where you can ask any questions you have, including “how-to’s” etc.

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