The Bull 3

For many people, marketing evokes fear, disgust, overwhelm, and a general feeling that complete isolation in a windowless cell with only whole grain cereal and water would be preferable.  Many people I talk to and work with are thoroughly unexcited about marketing, and even though they know they “should” do it, it just doesn’t happen.  A gentle glance at the various marketing machines causes them to focus on laundry, Netflix and furniture rearrangement.

The Bust

If you are not connected to your passion, you simply won’t have much motivation to do any marketing.  After all, who wants to send Tweets that sound like, “Please check out my sort of interesting eBook that’s only semi-boring, and well-written,” or post on Facebook, “Hi, I’m open for business.  I’m not really excited about what I’m doing, but I’m at least telling you I’m open for business.”  Well, when you’re not passionately connected to your work, we can tell, sorry! That is why is so important to get a Digital Marketing Agency that can bring passion and help you growth your business.


Passion, however, has many levels.  There is passion for what you are doing, and there is passion for who you are BEING.  It is this part that my BullBusting concept is based all around – who are each of us BEING in our lives, and our businesses?  Because if you try to run a business that does not allow you to feel passionate about your behavior then it becomes very difficult to remain passionate about what you are doing.  Perhaps you’ve noticed something like:

  • You work in a big corporation earning tons of money, but you checked your soul in the lobby, and sometimes it doesn’t follow you home when you leave
  • You are fulfilling your family’s dream of running the family business, but you yearn to be a writer, and every day your dream seems a little more impossible
  • You are running your own company but really want to start a bakery, and you notice you are becoming more and more short-tempered with clients and staff as you keep trying to run your company

You see, lack of passion in your life, and your work, shows.

And now, from a lack of passion, you think you’re really going to start doing marketing?  It’s the lack of passion that, in many cases, is the primary reason business owners don’t get their marketing done.  You might be disconnected from what you are marketing, you might be bored of your marketing (lack) of strategy and not have the energy to focus on it because your lack of passion is tiring you out, but any way you swing it, no passion, no marketing! (Or else your marketing is going to show your lack of passion…)

Well, lucky you!  I am doing a workshop about Passion, Personality and Social Media!  (Wow, was that a really good lead in, or what?  I just set myself right up, damn! 😉 )  Seriously, though, the workshop is real, it’s in New York, and it’s on March 22nd.  If you’d like to check it out, click here to learn more and sign up!

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