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If you’re wondering what you need to change in 2015 to get more clients, here’s a hint – YOU ARE WORKING TOO HARD!  Yes, you heard that right – the fact that you are working from 6am – 12am, and allow people to contact you 24×7 is the PROBLEM, not the solution.

The Bull 3I am coming across too many wonderful business owners who want to earn more, but are burning out.  You are tired, but that fatigue is not converting clients – surprise! (Actually, I’m not surprised at all.)  You are “doing it all,” but the seeds you are planting EVERYWHERE are not growing into flowers because you have no time to water all those seeds – there are just too many.  (There I go on one of my metaphors….)

The BustIn fact, it turns out that BUSY is simply helping you avoid doing what you don’t want to do to grow your business.  And, you know what you don’t want to do?  All the stuff that scares you.

The Bull 3You, in your innate brilliance, have overscheduled yourself with busy work like updating your website, posting on social media, writing your book (which you think will be a best seller when it’s published…hopefully by 2018), and developing future programmming.  And, of course, you’re not hiring anyone to help you – again BRILLIANT!  You are simply adding on to your pile of excuses to avoid doing what you need to do to get clients NOW.

Bull-Briefcase-FINALThis is one of the biggest bulls that prevent a business owner from getting clients.  Want to know how to bust this, and the 4 other bulls that are guaranteeing you WON’T get clients this year?  Join me for THE MOJO MATRIX – 5 CRUCIAL KEYS TO BUST THROUGH THE BULL AND BLAZE YOUR WAY TO MORE CLIENTS AND CASH IN 2015!

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