The Bull 3One of the most common areas of fear I see in business owners is that of selling.  Many of us who hear the words “sales” or “selling” or “salesperson” are likely to cringe at visions of

  • products we don’t want being forced upon us
  • being manipulated into buying something that doesn’t do what it says, making us feel taken advantage of
  • aggressive behavior that scares us and makes us feel inferior if we don’t buy
  • etc!


The BustIf you own a business, you are a salesperson.  Or, more importantly, you NEED to be a salesperson if you want to actually get any clients/customers, most importantly if you are a solopreneur.  It’s a hat that may feel uncomfortable, but it’s one you need to wear, part of the time!  If you don’t ask for business, then you are simply letting it slip through your fingers.  Now, if you are able to go weeks without food, and have someplace free to sleep, then hey, good for you, but I don’t know many people who do.

Interestingly, I find that most people are either disgusted with the idea of selling, or neutral.  Very few of them are EXCITED!  And, if you’re from another culture, moving to America, you may also find yourself in conflict around your identity as you try to be bold in your selling, but also not be arrogant – a very difficult set of values and judgments to deal with.used car salesman

If you are struggling to sell, and also be authentic to your personal set of values, here are some ideas to help you:

  1. Remember the foundation. The thing is, at a base level, sales is simply the act of making potential buyers aware of your product or service.  At this level, you can begin to view selling as informing, and the more people you inform, the more likely that some of them will check out your business.
  2. Be careful of over-judging.  If you’re not selling because of fear of what others will think of you, try to let go of judgment.  In the end, you are probably judging yourself more harshly than other people.
  3. Find your sweet spot.  Tap into WHY you are selling your product or service.  Rather than focusing on selling the product or service, focus on the story or message behind it – the why – so you can authentically talk about your passion, and that may take some pressure off you.
  4. People need you!  Don’t forget that people need what you offer.  So, if you’re hiding behind fear of selling, you are depriving the people looking for you of the beautiful life or business transformation you can offer them!


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