Today’s post is simply an introduction.  Well, not really simple, you see I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming, and giving a lot of thought to integrity and alignment in myself, and in my business.  You see, it’s what I do for my clients, so I want to also do it for myself.  As a result of some serious soul-searching, and challenging myself to understand what I’m really about, what my underlying mission is, I realized some really essential things that I want for my clients that go well beyond a rocking business strategy.

I found an image in my mind of a person bathed in golden light, but surrounded by black brambles, all around, keeping their light shaded and dull.  And my work is to serve as your path, to bring your beautiful light beyond the brambles and shambles, and into your business and your life.  And so, after some vulnerable processing, and really thinking about what’s important, I came up with the Manifesto I present to you below, which will be permanently stored on my site at

I’d love to know how these ideas impact you:


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