The Bull 3I was recently in Paris (I know, poor me) and came across a store window which I thought was the perfect example of the impact of marketing.  Much of the time, we work really hard on only side of marketing – what I mean is External Image – what people see, how they perceive us and our business, what we are about, what we do, etc.  Often times, we don’t think about INTERNAL marketing – who we are, how we come across, the image our branding and personality convey – and whether the internal and the external images match.


The BustResult – Consumer confusion!  When two messages we put out don’t match, it leaves our consumers confused, unclear, and unsure whether to buy from us.  Let me offer photographic evidence…oooh, serious stuff!


Exhibit A – Inside the store


This department store, once known as a more low-key, middle-of-the-road price place to shop, seems to be trying to upscale.  You can see the Chanel sign, expensive handbags (I could not find any NON designer bags). Inside the fashion was only from top designers, and it was almost impossible to find anything under 200 euros.  Internal Image – classy, expensive, conservative, highbrow, clean, serious.


And now, Exhibit B – Outside the Store:


For an American, this store window might actually be shocking!  I actually had to chuckle, because of the fact that we’d probably never see a non sex-shop store in America do something like this.  Too risque, oooh-la-la!

However, you might now understand, seeing visual evidence, how this image is completely out of alignment with that of the new store, internal image.  External Image – playful, fun, a little naughty, laid back, relaxed, casual.

Seeing just this store window, I would not have assumed the store sold high-end, expensive products, but, rather, items geared to a day-to-day casual lifestyle.

So, you can see that if I were looking for high-end clothing and handbags, I would have walked right by this store, assuming they didn’t have what I want.  Customer and money lost.

Understand the importance of an internal and external image aligning?

BullBusting Challenge: Is YOUR business internal and external image consistent?  Book a free session with The BullBuster to find out!

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