A recent experience reminded me about the power of setting intentions.

The Bull 3We walk around too often feeling powerless.  We get lost inside the vast thoughts of our mind, listening to the words that keep us down, justifying beating ourselves up, and open to low energy to fuel this negative process.

Actually, we are very powerful beings in our business, and in our lives.  I was reminded of this on my way to the park.

I was in a hurry, as I always am living in New York, and having only 15 seconds to cross the street before the light changes.  I had my headphones on, was listening to my music, focused on making the green light to cross into the park, when a woman very intentionally crossed my path, stopped me, and interrupted me.  I took out my headphone.  She looked perplexed.  She stared.  I’m thinking, “Get on with it lady, I gotta make the light!”  She said, with an accent, “Could you take a moment, and please explain to me, can I get the subway here?”

pointingI looked at the light, then at her, and said, “Yes, you can, if you walk to Lexington Avenue.”  She said, “How do I get there?”  I looked at the light, and then at her.  I pointed in the direction she needed to go, and I said, “You walk that way for 3 blocks.”  Then I turned and ran off.  As I ran, I saw a man in a truck look at me.  I wondered if that was the woman’s son, and I had just been an ass to his mom.

What a jerk.  I debated returning to the corner I met her, but knew she would be gone.  Then I spent half my run beating myself up for being a complete ass.  I could tell she did not really understand what I was saying or where I was directing her.  I knew she spoke Spanish, and I do, too, how could I not have offered to speak Spanish?  Jerk, jerk, jerk.  I was sluggish in my steps, and then I decided that this was a waste of my time, and my workout.

The BustI began to think about the opportunity I was given in that moment.  It was an opportunity to be of service, and an opportunity to be present.  Instead of beating myself up, I took a vow to myself to be more open and notice the world OUTSIDE my head, and the people in it.  I decided I would intentionally look at people, slow down, see if I could help.

Brain wavesLater that day, I was waiting for a friend outside a subway stop, “coincidentally.”  I was looking at my iPhone screen, when a woman very intentionally interrupted me.  I looked up.  She was German, she needed directions.  What did I do?  I spent 5 minutes giving her EVERY direction she asked for, and more on top of that. I wanted to make sure she had every ounce of knowledge I could pass on to her!  She left feeling informed, and I felt redeemed!

The very next day, I met a lovely woman at an event and she asked me for some information about the hair salon I use.  I told her everything I could.  At the end of the event, she said to me, “Thanks for being so helpful and informative.  Most people wouldn’t take the time or give that much information, thank you so much.”  Double redemption!

I’ve decided to simply add this intention of being present, alert, and helpful, to my daily routine.

Whether you set intentions in your business, or in your life, your thoughts are very, very powerful, and they create opportunities for you to take action upon.  I guarantee you will not always like the action you choose. So, when you do not, then look at the lesson/opportunity that choice is giving you and change course.  That is the beginning of the success you are seeking.

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