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The rebrand is finally here!  I’ve spent years leading with the bull, and now, I’m leading with the BRILLIANCE.  

My new theme is Bull to Brilliance – bull is the beginning, but the destination that I offer is the creation of a brilliance-based business where profits and clients come naturally instead of through struggle. So, instead of telling Lies of the Day, I’ll be sharing The Daily Brilliance.  

As I start this new mission, it’s really about being here for you.  My ultimate dream is to inspire you, and help you:

  • Grow your profit
  • Connect with and create from your greatest brilliance
  • Create the path to the life you want – whether that be about financial freedom, travel, experiences – this is the place to get the way to what you want

Today marks the beginning, but there is so much more to come!  Please take a look around, let us know your thoughts, and keep an eye out for what’s on the way.

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