The Bull 3How often do you tell someone, “I don’t have enough time?” Or, “I wish I had enough time to….” or “I wish I had more time!” You don’t.   Telling someone you don’t have time is full of bull.  We all have exactly the same time as everyone else.

timeWhat you do have are priorities.  I was reminded of our relationship with time on a recent radio interview.  A couple of years ago, I enjoyed a FANTASTIC trip to Sedona, Arizona.  In fact, it was so good I had absolutely no desire, in that moment, to return to New York.  I mentally fantasized about driving off in Arizona, or wherever I wanted, until I was done driving off wherever I had wanted to drive off to.  Reluctantly, I drove the car to the airport, and as I returned it, the agent who checked my mileage in the car asked me, “How was your trip?”  I replied, “It was so good I don’t feel like leaving.”  He said, “You don’t have to.  We have your information on file, you can just head back out, and keep the car as long as you like.”  I laughed.  And then I realized he was right.

The BustAs always, I had created my schedule.  I had booked the date of my return flight, which was changeable (though would cost me more money.)  I had booked my doctor appointment the next day, which was also changeable (though would mean a long wait for another appointment).  I had work to do (which could really be done from anywhere.)  Though I did not keep the car and ride into the sunset, what I did do is realize that I am in full control of my schedule and my life.

So, remember, you decide what to prioritize – your family, your friends, your clients, your job.  You fill your schedule with the activities you choose to fill it with – a job you hate, work you love, sports, trips, etc.  You do not HAVE to do your job, unless you choose to keep that job.  Every choice you make has an impact, yes.  You may not always like that impact.  But you still have a choice, and you still fill your time the way you want to fill it.

So, next time you say no because of lack of time, acknowledge that you simply chose to do something else.

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