If you’re like me, there are things in life that scare you.  It might be jumping out of an airplane, or it might be going on a first date, or it might be standing up to someone that is treating you with a lack of integrity.  Whatever it is, you know how it feels;

Waves of butterflies in your gut, and your chest.  They move around, they feel bad, and when they build up, they make you want to vomit.

Young woman making rude gesture on a bad date

This is what I call “The Vomit Zone™“.  Because, dealing with the Vomit Zone, well, makes you want to vomit, and who wants to vomit?

The gift, however, is that within that vomit zone lies something really huge for you – potential, possibility, confidence…..The Vomit Zone is what you have to journey through to grab hold of what you want.  And, as we all know, things that are worthwhile don’t come easy.  

If you can find a vomit zone, consider yourself LUCKY.  Yes, lucky.  Because this means that you have lots of places in your business or life or relationship that you can push beyond and you know what those places are.  The more vomit zones you push through, the harder it may become to find the next one – so that becomes your next challenge.  If you feel bored, it’s likely because you are not challenging yourself to venture in to the vomit zone, or spend some time figuring out where the next one is for you.

So, if you have an upcoming challenge that makes you confront that vomit zone, know that you have a lot of courage, and the result will be amazing growth!

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