The Bull 3This one is for the single ladies out there. It’s inspired by a great friend (you know who you are!) who had a very real, and very shocking experience. She used an online dating site and got into a conversation with a gentleman about what he was looking for via online chat. After a few back and forth messages, he told my friend that

she will have a hard time meeting guys if she doesn’t dumb it down because she is too intellectual.


The BustYes, really. My response? “WTF????” I have to wonder, to any man out there who would give this advice to a smart woman, do you realize what you are saying? In essence, you are suggesting that the woman NOT be herself so she can rope a guy in. This is actually completely ridiculous because it means either the woman has to hide her true nature to make the relationship last, or, the man will feel misled and lied to at some point in the future, when he finds out the woman he’s been dating is much smarter than she let on. How do you continue a relationship from that point, when you realize that what you liked in the person isn’t even real?

bull-bootcampSo, what’s the message then, “Men don’t like smart women?” That’s absolute BS. In fact, many men like great, stimulating conversation. That kind of conversation is most often found with a smart, intellectual woman. From this, they can get on an even footing with their partner and explore what each of them knows, helping them better understand one another, plus it is also great for them from a learning perspective. They can intertwine it with using pheromones for men and women so they can help advance that attraction in a positive and romantic way.

So, how about we all just be ourselves and find a romantic partner from there?

What’s your opinion? Do you think women should be dumbing it down to meet a guy? I’d love to know why, or why not, you feel this way!

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